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  1. ale_jrb

    Hero's Journey, Dead?

    You are dead. Just because you're still posting here and your heart is still beating (aka heartbeats), doesn't mean jack. You are dead. -- One of the worst things on the internets is people who state something, seemingly from a position of authority, when they actually have absolutely no...
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    Welcome! :D
  3. ale_jrb

    Happy Birthday Daax

    Happy Birthday!
  4. ale_jrb

    Frosty de ef two

    Welcome back lol :P. That video was... interesting...
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    Congraaaaatz (late) :)
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    Congrats :).
  7. ale_jrb

    Simucon 2008

    That's the sort of thing they might do in the future... who knows? :)
  8. ale_jrb

    We're back!

  9. ale_jrb

    Happy Birthday HJ-Frozz

    Happy Birthday! :)
  10. ale_jrb

    Where should 'loot' come from?

    I quite like that idea - and of course, the unique items and such obtained from high level combat would give monetary rewards, which could be used to save up for high level combat equipment. I personally, though, don't mind so much when things drop stuff they probably wouldn't drop - it's just...
  11. ale_jrb

    Fantasy Pan's Labyrinth

    I might have to watch it... It's a shame I don't speak fluent Spanish really, 'cause it looks like a great film, but foreign films that I watch with subtitles usually don't provide the same atmosphere as those with only speaking (especially if the actors are good). Hmm...
  12. ale_jrb

    New Ilvari Model

    I'm awful at using facial sliders (although I hit one I really liked by accident in EVE :)). I expect my HJ person will be really ugly...
  13. ale_jrb

    WAR beta!

    Because giving specific information on why you dislike something, while it's in closed beta, usually breaks the NDA. You should know from our very own GMs that NDAs are often very strict. :p2
  14. ale_jrb

    Site Update

    I meant it in a nice way - it just seemed a bit odd that, knowing Simu's history, anyone in the world could possible expect there to suddenly be a flood of info :P.
  15. ale_jrb

    Site Update

    It said 'In the coming months' - did you suddenly expect them to release the game or something?
  16. ale_jrb

    Fantasy Pan's Labyrinth

    This was subtitled, wasn't it? Bleh.
  17. ale_jrb

    It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eatten by an NDA.

    That's absolutely hilarious - I laughed for like 20 seconds. Brilliant plan!
  18. ale_jrb

    Making the Switch

    So long as it is working, Ubuntu (and, to be fair, most Linux distros in general as well) are absolutely great for everyone, including novices (so long as you don't want to play any games). The moment something stops working the way it's supposed to, however, or you need to do something for...
  19. ale_jrb

    Will you turn off the light?

    There isn't a 'maybe' option... :P Dunno yet - I'll decide come the time.
  20. ale_jrb

    Over population! (Lab)

    No; the world can support a significantly larger population than the one it currently maintains. It simply needs better resource management.