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  1. J

    C & C 2 latest

    Prefer the 2nd sig V1, text on both are poor tbh.
  2. J

    C & C KB

    Seems flat mate, the text isnt great and neither are the C4D's
  3. J

    C & C An1m3

    That is class, Fana wins again? :(
  4. J

    C & C Naruto

    The text is smart!
  5. J

    C & C Gift to a friend

    Yeah good job mate, your best ;)
  6. J

    C & C Anime

    Hmm its ok, not as good as the previous 2 you posted
  7. J

    C & C 2 New Tags

    Both good, top 1 is sweeeeeet!
  8. J

    Tutorial Timeless

    Cheers mate, was gonna ask you for this :P
  9. J

    C & C first sig in a month

    Nice try, good job mate
  10. J

    C & C few newest

    Last 1 is my favourite, good job mate.
  11. J

    C & C My SOTW Entry

    I don't get this abstract felgercarb, someone fill me in some more :( Frenzy that quake sig is sick!
  12. J

    Post Your Desktop.

    Nice monitor Fana
  13. J

    C & C Ffxiii

    Bit plain tbh mate.
  14. J

    C & C Gears

    Class sig, share the tut :p
  15. J

    C & C Gears -SinZ

    As said above abit dark but good sig overall mate.
  16. J

    C & C 1st GFX WAR!

    Class! Pure win :p
  17. J

    C & C okami

    What is it?
  18. J

    C & C Your Thoughts ?

    Lol ok,just keep reading some tuts.
  19. J

    C & C Mgs

    Yeah I agree.
  20. J

    C & C Ola!

    Nice sig again, good job mate :p