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    Need Tech Help

    So i recently got interested in dubstep, and i'm trying to copy all of cherry's music, is there a way to mass send a folder via some unknown source? If so, what is it and is it compiitable via mac and pc?
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    Map testing

    Avenged has finally finished his map. It's an invasion map so we'll need 16 people. This will be in the future. Who's in? 1.Avenged117 2.LTRUSSELL17 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
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    Does anyone still play Runescape?

    So does anyone still play runescape? due to me not having xbl anymore and me being unable to afford it, i'm force to my old computer games...aka...runescape.
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    Does anyone have an extra 2 Day card?

    Does anyone have an extra 2 Day card? My xbl expired today
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    AVENGED ASKED ME TO DO THIS BECAUSE HE WAS ON HIS IPOD. At 2:10 it sounds like he is getting raped!!
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    Tye is a canadian fail

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    Pop. Lock. Drop it.

    So during the meeting, i was thinking of Machinama Shorts. and i had the idea of a sales man making a pitch to little Jimmy that keeps getting splattered by ghost's. He sees other people actually armor locking ghost's and killing the driver. When he tries it,he starts the lock but it messes up...
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    So i'm doing a remix of the halo ce theme song. can someone find the sheet music for me please? i can't find it
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    What we look like

    so we talk to each other daily yet we still do not know what each other looks like. post a picture of yourself:
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    Why can't we all get along?

    Why can't none of us get along? Because really people, most of us know us by our voices over xbl and a few of us know us in real life. So all of y'all shut the frack up, get over it, and get along with each other!
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    Halo Wars Machinama?

    So last night me and 3 of my friends were doing a 3v3 with 2 on each side and one ai on each side. While we were playing i had the idea of making a Halo Wars machinama. I don't have all of the details down but all i have so far is Forge surrounded by the Prophet and Arbiter. He calls for help...
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    XBL increase

    So Microsoft in all its glory is raising the frggin price of XBL. Not by much but by a good bit that pisses everyone off. You should of gotten an email similar to mine: Thank you for being a valued member of Xbox LIVE Gold. We hope you are enjoying the many exciting and exclusive features...
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    MW2 Clan tryouts

    Hey guys,me and a few friends started a MW2 clan. If you want in send me a message on xbl saying that you want to join. Please note that we only do search and nothing else. You can apply at our website Peace people
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    Me and my life

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    ME and DM

    Due to school recently starting for me,i won't be on as much on DM,so if any of y'all need machinama help,send me a message that you do and invite me. Aiight guys,peace.
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    A message from my IGN Boss

    So my boss at IGN sent me a letter from Bungie,it quoted: "Due to the popular download of the Halo Reach Beta,we might be re-releasing the Beta,for all of the people who previously downloaded the Beta,you will haft to do a mandatory update which will take a half an hour to an hour depending...
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    So i'm currently watching the first Alien and i just realized due to my MW2 addiction,there is a Heartbeat sensor!!! This movie was made in 1986,the first attempted prototype of a heartbeat was in 2004! I think MW2 stole the idea......what do you think guys? Do you think the U.S. has secrets...
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    Halo Reach boss at IGN said i'm getting Halo Reach Legendary Edition for FREE!!!! I might get 2 extra copies,if i do,i will be holding a "Tournament" for all DM members to get it. If i do get 2 extra copies,1 is going to Evaxz because i promised him one and whichever DM member wins,you will haft...