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    Hello from Around the World!

    Hejsan!! Cool a Swede :)
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    Hello from Around the World!

    Hello!! I'm from Sweden and would love to meet alias fans from somewhere else! Don't have so many friends on here so it would be good to get to know some.
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    Last letter game!

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    A-Z of alias #3

    Danger E is for...
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    Where are you from?

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    Season 5 new opening

    This one was the best one yet.. Loved it :)
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    Season 5 what was the "...1..."?

    Yeah.. it might have been the man in box, sounds logical to me!!
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    Season 5 The guy in the chamber...

    It might be the guy they took Michael Vaughn's name from, as Vaughns real name isn't Vaughn, it might be this guy. So they had to keep him like that as not to blow Vaughn's cover...
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    What's your favourite book series?

    HP books for sure.. :)
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire by J.k Rowling and The Priest Kid (A Swedish Book, titel: Präst Ungen) by Göran Tunström
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    Top 5 hottest men ?

    Hmm.. only five.. hard but OK here it goes 1. Ioan Gruffud 2. Hayden Christensen 3. Michael Vartan 4. Orlando Bloom 5. Jason Behr
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    Cutest couple?

    Syd and Vaughn for sure!!
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    Hey :)

    Hello! Welcome.. I hope you will have a great time here!! Hope to see you around..
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    Jen revealed the baby's gender!

    I'm so happy for her, no matter what the sex of the baby is.. I do had a feeling she was gonna get a girl :P
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    Desperate Viewers

    I'm a Desperate Viewer, no doubt about it! So please put me on the list!
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    Hi all

    Hello! Welcome.. Hope to see you around! :D
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    Mmmm... precis!! :P
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    Hi Ya!

    Hello both of you :welcome: I hope you enjoy this place.. Atleast I do! :D
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    Has been awhile but I'm back!

    Thanx guys! It feels so good to be back!! :)