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  1. deathmetal

    Made a new song

    Thanks Aen
  2. deathmetal

    Made a new song It's the one on the top of the list, called Black. Check it out if you want. *goes back to lurking in the shadows*
  3. deathmetal

    I want to be a ---- when I make a character!

    I like warriors that can dish out damage as well as take it, so I'll go with war as my primary class. As for the secondary, I don't know yet. It's a tossup between gknt, rogue, and necro.
  4. deathmetal

    HE videos

    That is an impressive engine, I just hope that I get to play the game it was made for someday... Those videos aren't helping with the wait either.
  5. deathmetal

    My Artwork for Hero Games

    Nice work man.
  6. deathmetal


    Thanks you primitive screwhead. :cool: Xblood nice myspace page. Not my kind of music but I can tell you guys have some skill.
  7. deathmetal


    <shameless plug> Hey guys check out my myspace band page! It's cool and all the kids are doing it! </shameless plug> Heh, seriously.. anyone else have a myspace page?
  8. deathmetal

    Smart cars!

    Actually diesel exhaust is more polluting than normal gas. You might be saving money at the pump, but you aren't really helping the environment more. Sure there is less carbon dioxide in deisel, but there is alot of soot, or smog-forming pollutants and toxic particulate matter.
  9. deathmetal

    I found this funny..

    Ree Ree Raaa Ree Rii Rii Rooooo!!!!1
  10. deathmetal

    Happy Birthday Ainilome

    Happy birfday yo
  11. deathmetal

    Personality Test

    Neuroticism: 94 Extraversion: 1 Openness To Experience: 0 Agreeableness: 49 Conscientiousness: 5 Link Man, I'm messed up. :D2
  12. deathmetal

    Post a picture of you.

    This is all I have left on my computer of me. Its a small, grainy, edited pic I used on a myspace band page last year. My digital camera decided to die on me a couple months back so this is all I'll have for now.
  13. deathmetal

    Favorite Comedians.

    Couple of my favorites: Lewis Black Dave Attell
  14. deathmetal

    Who owns a PS3?

    Final Fantasy XIII :cool:
  15. deathmetal

    Who owns a PS3?

    Hi Ainilome. :) Cool to see a bunch of VRPers coming here.
  16. deathmetal

    Who owns a PS3?

    I have a PS3, my online name is Sevroth.
  17. deathmetal

    Age of Conan

    Age of Conan looks like the game for me. I'm getting kind of tired of all these bright, cheery mmorpgs. It's about time for a gritty, dark world with some realistic violence. :) Bring on the blood.
  18. deathmetal

    Whats up?

    Bah, oh well. I just hope this game does eventually get released.
  19. deathmetal

    Whats up?

    Hey guys. I've been away from Hero's Journey for a while, just thought I'd come by and check up on the game. Any new info released such as beta start date, release date, etc? I saw the new class info on their website, don't tell me that is all that has been released? I've been playing Vanguard...
  20. deathmetal

    Final Fantasy XII & Neverwinter Nights 2

    I'm finding myself drifting back to single player games actually. I guess I like being a big part of the storyline for the game. In mmorpgs you really dont have any effect on anything, and i'm kinda tired of just killing random monsters or going on random kill or delivery quests. I think Heros...