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  1. deathmetal

    Made a new song It's the one on the top of the list, called Black. Check it out if you want. *goes back to lurking in the shadows*
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    <shameless plug> Hey guys check out my myspace band page! It's cool and all the kids are doing it! </shameless plug> Heh, seriously.. anyone else have a myspace page?
  3. deathmetal

    Whats up?

    Hey guys. I've been away from Hero's Journey for a while, just thought I'd come by and check up on the game. Any new info released such as beta start date, release date, etc? I saw the new class info on their website, don't tell me that is all that has been released? I've been playing Vanguard...
  4. deathmetal

    Final Fantasy XII & Neverwinter Nights 2

    Both get released on Oct. 31st. Can't frikin wait. Now I just need to decide which to play first.
  5. deathmetal

    ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... The Daax Song!!d

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... The Daax Song!!:) Lol, daax you asked for a themesong, here ya go buddy!
  6. deathmetal

    Been writing songs

    I've been on a bit of a songwriting frenzy for a while here. Anyone into metal check them out and let me know what you think. They are free to download if you wish. :cool: All the songs except the bottom two ('March of the Undead' and...
  7. deathmetal

    Made a New Song

    This is a rough version of a new song I am working on. Recorded with Line6 Rifftracker which has an awesome drummer feature. The new one is on the top. The other ones are 2 years old and sound pathetic heh.
  8. deathmetal

    Was working on my car today

    Yeah I know this is about as off topic as you can get on these boards, but oh well. B) This took me a while and I wanted to show people. Decided to put my loudmouth 1 resonators back on today, and wanted to see what it would sound like with one LM1 on one pipe and one LM2 on the other. The LM2...
  9. deathmetal

    Guitar (click on the free download links after it counts down) This is something I recorded like 4 months ago. Was just trying out a free recording program while messing around on the guitar, playing parts of different songs so it has some mistakes...
  10. deathmetal

    New exclusive Stratics screenshots

    Screen1 This first one shows a weapon sheathed on the back! No scabbard graphics, it's like WoW or DAoC, but I'm just happy that sheathing is in. I don't like having my char hold his weapon all the time. Also shows the GUI. Screen2 Forest shot with a creature called a Lerk. Screen3 Dungeon
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    Enjoy :D [
  12. deathmetal

    Made an animated avatar

    Its the skittles beard guy! B)
  13. deathmetal

    Skittles beard commercial

    I think this is the best commercial on tv right now. It's creepy but funny.
  14. deathmetal

    Guess i'll be the first

    Anyone know what the hell that thing is in his hand? Are these robotic arms only available to gearknights?
  15. deathmetal

    Couple HJ questions

    I just started reading up on this game, and have some questions others who have been following this game longer might know the answers to. 1. Will there be weapon sheathing? In all the screens/videos that I have seen, characters are either running around with their weapon in hand, or there is...