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    it could break their spirits

    im sorry but this is just funny to me. cheers for trying to do something about deforestation though. If you are eating at a Japanese noodle shop or restaurant and chances are you'll be eating with a pair of disposable wooden chopsticks from China. But not for long. In a move that has...
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    rare flies protected

    HONOLULU — Twelve species of rare flies known for their elaborate courtship displays and found only in the Hawaiian Islands are now protected under the Endangered Species Act. how on earth do you protect a fly? i don't even know what to say about that. im for protecting animals and all...
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    under the classes section, the warrior heading is mispelled. warriot thought you would want to know. :huh:
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    celebrity response

    i recently saw that Mission Impossible 3 expected about 30 million dollars more than it brought in. i think it brought in about 40ish million dollars in the U.S. do you guys think that cruise might have alienated some movie-goers with him whacky views on scientology? i think i am...
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    is this weird or what?

    ZANZIBAR, Tanzania — Preliminary investigations have failed to yield an explanation of why hundreds of dolphins left their deep offshore habitat, got stranded in shallow waters and later washed up dead on Zanzibar's northern coast, a scientist said Tuesday. "It is a mystery," Narriman Jiddawi...
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    Roguish Abilites

    most games just show you holding a lockpick in one hand and a box in the other. you choose to "pick my box with my lockpick" and shazaam!! wouldn't it be fun, while picking your box, to have a inside view of the locking mechanism. you would actually have to navigate the lock and figure it...
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    pick or choose

    if you are sitting on the fence. maybe this will help you politically. :) KickinBama
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    Gang Wars

    this game is pretty fun. it is turn based, but you get new turns every 5 minutes. you can be a thug, a pimp, or a drug dealer. you train your stats accordingly. this is a game you can check once a day. 5 minute time waster for me at work. you can send a invite to my game. my...
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    HJ names

    i like playing ranger/rogue-ish characters. so i am thinking something that caters to the outdoors/woods. i just jotted a few down, and i don't have anything definite yet. River, Creak, Boulder, Rockfield and ive always wanted to play a Zeppelin (tribute to the band) I'll probably change...
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    i played dragonrealms for about 5 years. i had an elven ranger about level 35. His name was Canaan Attaroth. surely there are some people posting on here that played that game. i believe that was the best roleplaying game ive ever played and i still daydream about it. sometimes i want to...