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    GFX [CLASSED]kwtblack Work!

    kwtblack Work! I'd say you're, in total, a solid beginner. I think the Halo one is low novice, though. :^U
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    C & C helo3 sig

    If the stuff around him was white, that'd look cool.
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    C & C Vector Sig L, 2 versions as usual

    Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, chill out. I just figured that it looked like the kind of outcome one would get from my Cutman tut. :^P Maybe I'm wrong.
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    C & C 2nd attempt at abstract

    Snot, that's hawt. srs.
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    C & C Vector Sig L, 2 versions as usual

    Hmm This looks... familiar.
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    GFX [CLASSED]Princess Peach's Classification

    Princess Peach's Classification You've improved dramatically, but I'd be lying if I said you weren't novice. Keep working on your newer styles. Edit: Sorry, I forgot about the beginner class. But trust me, you're a HIGH beginner. :^P
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    GFX [CLASSED]Dav's Classification

    Dav's Classification Hm. I can't help but say novice, and I'll tell you why: Tags: These works are probably your worst subject (and I'm sure you're aware of that). They're both very novice; poor text, colors, and composition, as well as unimpressive effects. They also have severe lighting and...
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    C & C New Siggeh

    Try and do something about the colors; they're all over the board.
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    C & C That's Bananas

    It wasn't made to be a well-executed signature.
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    C & C Latest Tags

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    C & C Random Abstract Smudge

    Wow. I really wish I could smudge like that.
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    C & C ooh... pretty glowing shield!

    I see. Now it makes sense.
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    C & C ooh... pretty glowing shield!

    Are you, perhaps, a communist?
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    C & C My creations

    Just keep trying.
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    C & C some black dude

    I personally think it's your best. Not sure why, I just think you really hit this one right on the head, especially the lighting. Great lighting.
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    GFX [CLASSED]Light's Classification

    Light's Classification You still have vital skills to learn. A lot of filtering going on, which isn't helping the signatures. Looks like you're trying to teach yourself (which can be good), but you need some basics to get you started. Once you really get a feel for what you're doing, then you...
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    GFX avatars......(.maching with sig)

    There's no reason to be so closed-minded about the subject, Maniac. I've made this sort of thing in the past, and I personally think it's best not to shrink it; Doing so keeps the effects intact and sharp. But of course, it ofttimes depends on the size of the signature. A larger signature would...
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    GFX [CLASSED]WhatNow's Classification

    WhatNow's Classification Oh, okay, lol, I though I was in trouble.