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    truth about war photos Enlightnening. I particularly like the lady photographed twice on two different dates.
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    Gauging player/mob strength

    No one wants to reference back to my favorite point, GS-III. They didn't display levels, being text and all. Instead, it just became common knowledge which critters are which range of level based on fighting there for a while or sharing lore. Don't get me wrong, i'm talking hundreds of...
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    Save The Internet

    Damnation man link me to a current article. The closest one I could find was from 6-9-06 regarding the PREVENTION of taxation of the internet. Find it here: Article Here
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    Your favorite flash and other online games!

    BMX Backflips. Great fun.
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    The Intel inside of a Mac.. Wow!

    Its more of a cult than a market. Mac's popularity is based on it being an underdog. We all tend to cheer on the underdog, until the point an underdog is a big competitor. From that point, people begin looking looking for a new underdog. I mean, look at the SouthPark episode where they rip...
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    I bought a WoW timecard, and I don't know why.

    $30 = 2 month WoW time. Everyone point and laugh at Frosty. :lol:
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    Firefox is the worst browser ever.

    I still don't understand the hatred for IE. I am running WinXP SP2 and allow auto-updating and I have zero security problems. No pop-ups unless I want them, and no spyware sneaking into my browser. Its all in the auto-updates.
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    Service Abilities

    sounds like... WoW.
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    area conquest

    area conquest! ::drool:: just thought i'd have a thread going on how GMs could keep any one 'faction' from being too powerful and thus make this concept achievable.
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    Hero's Journey Cribs

    Tree houses are a pain just play morrowind. Without spells or potions to levitate, it takes forever to get to the top. Stick with holes in the ground. I wand a nice, cozy cave.
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    Soloable + Custimization = FANTASTIC

    No one seems to grasp what Shadow is really saying here. Let me explain it further. The concept lends towards solo, group, and role-playing in either scenario. When killing a critter, a person gained experience which is placed in a 'well' of sorts. Once this 'well' was filled, killing more...
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    Mortal Kombat: Theme Song

    A MUST SEE! Mortal Kombat: Theme the site takes a long time to load but its worth the wait
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    custom music folder?

    use wmp with the in-game music off, sounds simple enough
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    Website Advertisements

    aids is pretty serious. whats worse is hepatits and tuberculosis, which are infecting hundreds of thousands of americans each year. we need website TB tests!
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    Fishing, without a Breath of Fire twist, is boring. They would need a decent mini-game for this one.
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    The MMO Comic Strip!

    hitchhiker's. great series.
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    Crafting, buying, and selling

    The closest thing WoW had to crafting being interesting was engineering. Teleporters, death lasers, underwater breathing helmets.... who didn't want one of these! Only problem is, you had to have engineering as a skill to use these items, so it made it impossible to sell it unless the guy...
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    Mount naming

    bring on the mount names! we're talking customization here, people. on that thought, why can't we use the character-generation engine to graphically make our mounts unique? That would be friggen cool. Missing eye? Sure! Scars? Sure! Ugly as @#$@? SURE! Ahahhaa bring it.
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    Maps and Maps!

    I completely agree with the above post. Exploring involves discovering new areas for oneself and remembering how to get there again later (memorizing 1,000 squares in GSIII) (go gate, sw, s, w, go patch, nw, sw, d, go hedge, up). For those who don't know, thats the kobold village. My buddies...
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    Zelda: Twilight Princess for GC movie

    Who doesn't remember N64's Zelda: Ocarina of Time? They modelled him a little older than the typical Link, and now for the GC they are aging him yet a little more. I think it is wise to keep him closer to his target market of gamers, seeing as they are aging as well. After all, would Rugrats...