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    truth about war photos Enlightnening. I particularly like the lady photographed twice on two different dates.
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    area conquest

    area conquest! ::drool:: just thought i'd have a thread going on how GMs could keep any one 'faction' from being too powerful and thus make this concept achievable.
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    Mortal Kombat: Theme Song

    A MUST SEE! Mortal Kombat: Theme the site takes a long time to load but its worth the wait
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    injury transfers and healing

    part of what made empaths fun in gsIII was transferring the wound from player 'B' to player 'A' (the empath) who then had to heal it with spells, herbs, and time invested. It wasn't "oh no, I've had my leg chopped off! No worries, I'll cast "healing level 3" and magically the leg is back and...
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    Instance and UI concerns.

    My concern is this: instanced runs are only fun once, as far as I am concerned. EVERY time it is the EXACT same thing, making it a form of grinding instead of 'adventuring'. It is only an adventure that first time. And that is only if you have not gone online and searched for that particular...
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    Zelda: Twilight Princess for GC movie

    Greetings and Salutations! I figure I should post this for all who have followed the Zelda games. Zelda: Twilight Princess Movie I realize its small but watch it anyway its awesome. It is listed for 9/3/06 in the USA.