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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    YAY we won the womens 400m WOOT!!!! BRING ON 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    UK GAWD DAMMIT >_> 10 more medals until USA WOOT! LOL
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    HEY GUYS GUESS WHOS 3rd in the medal table XD GO 2012!!! STRATFORD WOOT!!!!!!
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    UK are catchin up 7th 2more gold until 3rd place XD
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    no one cares abt micheal phelps the 100m final was the highlight of the whole olympics
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    zomg who saw the 100m USAIN BOLT (non-american =D) NEW WORLD RECORD 9.68!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHEAL WHO?
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    come to london olympics we suck!
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    T-Pain - Buy me a Drank XD 9/10
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    London Olympics is gonna suck is right around mine and spark's area...(its a very bad area) come visit us in 4 years lol
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    aww damn forgot athletic start >.<
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    upcoming games?

    GTA:DS lol, Star wars and sonic unleashed.
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    08/08/08--OLYMPICS PWN

    VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
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    2008 E3

    Microsoft won for sure nintendo sucked T.T
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    GFX The jiggman Gallery!

    kool sigs jiggman
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    YouTube thread (Post Funny, Helpful, or your own Vid's here)

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    C & C .::» I-ZON Graphics «::.

    great sigs mmapa
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    GFX -= Kawaii's Gallery =-

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    GFX .::::TN™'S SIG GALLERY::::.

    Hello ppl Heres my sigs. I know i ain't as good as maniac but here anyways. Feel free to critisize and plz tell me how i could improve because i've only been doing this for 2 months now and really just know the basics. Personal Siggys