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    Did I miss something?

    I don't remember seeing Sidney find out that Vaughn is still alive... has she always known? Did they cover that part and I completely missed it? Are they going to do a flashback of her finding out he is alive or something?? I am so confused!
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    Please Help me

    I was in the same boat and I found Season 5 on itunes, you should try that if you have it! Good luck!
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    New here, and just finished season 4...

    Thanks for the quick responses! Funny enough, Alias was just released on itunes (I'm pretty sure it was made available like, the day of my original post, lol), so I am now happy to say that I am completely caught up! Thanks again!
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    New here, and just finished season 4...

    :D Hi! I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself... I am a new Alias fan, I have always wanted to watch the show but did not want to start in the middle, so I recently borrowed/rented/purchased all that is available of Alias on DVD... I just finished season 4 last week and now I am...