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  1. Z

    GFX GIMP A phoney?

    What do you guys think? Is GIMP a felgercarb version of PS? I personally think so..
  2. Z

    GFX PR(PlanetRenders)

    I'm not sure if anyone goes there, but I just wanna know. Yeah, I go there, btw, im talking about the forums for PR. yeah I have like 108k points in mah bank, and it's growing
  3. Z

    GFX What Photoshop Version Do You Have?

    Obviously don't post if you don't have PS.. I have Photoshop CS3 Extended.
  4. Z

    ZERO's Cottage Vacation!

    Yup, Yes Sir, righty-oh! I'm going on vacation up to my cottage, from the 23rd of August, till September 2nd. The day after I get back from my cottage, my school starts.. I'm glad, but in a way, stoked at the same time. It's my freshman year in Highschool.. Yep, Niner'rd.:P Well, I hope this...
  5. Z


    hey, it's me, Z E R O. I know how to make Tags, I'm very good at it, so I dun need anyone saying heres a nice lil beginner tut.:P I'm rated solid inter on National Sig League.
  6. Z

    GFX [CLASSED]Z E R O's Classification!

    Hey there, I'm new, but Maniac told me to join because he says I'm good at graphix. Digi^ Class please? I've been classed by a higher source, of Solid Inter. I just like to see how you guys class me. I Maniac needs, I can moderator this place, just for classing ect.