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    C & C G up

    Easily my best imo, what you think? CnC please:p
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    C & C Versus

    CnC please
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    GFX Lady in White

    Constructive comments only please.
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    GFX I got bord

    I got bored so I tried some felgercarb out.
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    GFX 007!!!!!!!!!

    Colour Black & White.
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    GFX James Bond

    Black and White Colour
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    GFX Rat!

  8. J

    GFX Chineese man

    POW!!!!!!!11 i is back init..
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    GFX Raiden

    Just made this but im not sure..
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    GFX 300

    Version 1: Version 2: CnC please :D
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    GFX Latest...

    Cnc Please :)
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    GFX Splinter Cell

    V1 V2 CnC please.
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    Euro 2008

    Who do you want to win? I personally want Italy to win because im part Italian. Discuss:D
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    GFX SOTW Entry?

    CnC please.
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    GFX Battlefield: Bad Company

    Not sure. CnC please.
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    GFX Halo 3

    CnC please - Also methods is nub
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    GFX Gears of War

    CnC please
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    GFX Cigarette

    All CnC welcome:)
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    GFX Anime Girl

    Just made this using Cartilage's tut. - With Text Without text All CnC welcome :D
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    GFX Lupe Fiasco

    Just made this. All CnC welcome :D