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    GFX Release the colourssss.

    :D Proud of this, CnC please. Mainly just pen tooling and C4D's but im well pleased with the outcome :)
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    What are you.. eating?

    Yer, thats right. The thread for what your eating/drinking. A chicken balti pie.
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    GFX Halo - CnC

    What'dya think? I know the texts bad. anything else?
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    Tutorial End war - Rumour - Tutorial

    My first ever tut. Enjoy :) [img=]
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    GFX Exodus logo.

    Right, i took a look at a vista error sign tut, then decided to make a clan logo like it. What'cha think?
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    GFX SOTW - end war.

    Colour or b&w? Not my best piece but i cba to make another.
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    GFX Fail - CnC

    Mm yeh, fail. Tips?
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    Photoshop CS3

    Yer, im looking to get my hands onto it again if you know what im getting at. :)
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    Dont fear, Rumours here!

    Basically Hi. What more is there to say? Im not new to making sigs, but im a bit of an amateur still so basically I just wanna perfect my skills on here. :)