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    Season 5 Thank you for five incredible years

    I think it was the right thing to say because well what better way to end it. and it truly has been five incredible years
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    Season 5 How they faked his death!

    well i hope your right but sounds like an interesting theory we'll see what happens i suppose
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    Season 5 I think we all know (or really hope) Vaughn is alive

    okay truth be told i've been watching earlier episodes this morning and everytime i see him i want to cry. its like this instant reaction or when i see her cry so yes i'm a weirdo. but i don't think he's dead nobody ever stays dead on ALIAS i mean they can't start a new trend. so i think hes...
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    5.01 Script Pages

    noooooooo he can't i wont believe it go away lalalalalalalalalalala sounds good though <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>[edited for spoilers ~ v]</span>
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    Rate: The 1st Season of Lost

    i have given it a 6-Pretty Good. Best TV ever would be a show that has consistancy with its storyline where everythings fabulous like every episode. this show ain't its far below that the first two episodes wee hee i was excited. it flopped come third episode alot of the episodes they could have...
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    Kate/Sawyer shippers

    i love Skate they are a force to be reckoned with their chemistry is electrifying and i'm sorry if u can't see that your blind. Jack is as boring as god knows what hes so stereotypically the good guy it died a long time ago. i was watching Top 50 Steamiest Southerners on E Entertainment this...
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    We Love Sawyer

    can i be added please he's hot and i love him
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    favorite couple

    i'm a Sawyer/Kate fan have been for quite a while even before i started watching it i was attracted to the very thing they presented. they have awesome chemistry. i also adore Shannon/Sayid and Claire/Charlie though not so much as S/K and S/S. if i had to go for slash it would be Jack/Sawyer. as...
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    Nadia's Spies

    #1: liliana #2: G$f3arl3ssG$ #3: Alias Anna #4: RaeAlias #5: cute_as_candy #6: Alias_Freak #7: Spirit #8: Slaoneaholic #9: jgmvlover #10: vaughnsmyguy #11: sd6452 #12: Mr Sloane #13: vaughnandsyd4eva #14: sidneymichaelvaughn4ever #15: heenz #16: sfs&v #17: AlexBristow03 #18: Padme912 #19...
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    Season 5 ALL May Sweeps Spoiler Threads

    I Knew it. ha I actually proved somebody wrong i saw that one coming they said we'd seen Elena before whose more obvious she doesn't really look like a Derevko but hey yea ya know beggers cant be choosers. but why does she have to be evil. and when i read that Vaughn asks Jack a question that...
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    I am all for Kate/Sawyer I saw their kiss on Saturday ooo that was so majorly hot highlight of the season for me actually
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    I'm an ALIAS freak

    personally i've only seen the first episode of Season 4 so far and i thought it was pretty good. Lost will never be better than Alias I hate to say it but I'm still waiting for Lost to come out and smack me like Alias did. i mean do you know that i was so excited today because alias was starting...
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    Season 4 The New Office

    I like the white one better it seems like your not walking into a Black Ops Division is it me or does it look friendlier
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    Season 4 Do You Like the New Theme Song?

    I loved it actually I thought they've done it very well i love the pictures and it feels more upbeat to me
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    Season 4 Rate: Authorized Personnel Only (Parts I and II)

    that totally rocked okay i've only just seen the first episode of this but wow i loved it what an incredible opening it was like please dont end. though I can tell you these two episodes should never be seen seperately
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    Nadia's Spies

    sure Jennifer Garner your number #37 #1: liliana #2: G$f3arl3ssG$ #3: Alias Anna #4: RaeAlias #5: cute_as_candy #6: Alias_Freak #7: Spirit #8: Slaoneaholic #9: jgmvlover #10: vaughnsmyguy #11: sd6452 #12: Mr Sloane #13: vaughnandsyd4eva #14: sidneymichaelvaughn4ever #15: heenz #16: sfs&v #17...
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    Long Way To Go

    Fanfic Title: Long Way To Go Fanfic Description: Nadia/Weiss, Weiss/OC, Vaughn/OC(runs for cover) Authors Notes: This is another of my Nadia fics this may turn into a series but we'll see. As you can tell I love writing and Nadia is my person of choice right now cause I think shes an awesome...
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    Why do you watch OTH?

    because its a good show i agree with Heather I prefer James Lafferty over CMM
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    More Than Us

    ~~ Chapter 3 ~~ Oh my aching head I feel like a dozen bulldozers have just run over me. Then I remember Diego coming to the house and hitting me with the tranq gun. Once I get my hands on him he'll wish he'd never been born. I wake up more and I see I'm sitting on a cold hard floor in a dingy...
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    Nadia's Spies

    its me-ah usually my-ah is maya don't ask me how to say maestro haven't a clue