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    Season 4 LENA'S BACK!

    LENA OLIN CAME BACK! I AM SO HAPPY! maybe this was already in the spoilers for all you spoiler-readers...but i did NOT read the spoilers and i am SO HAPPY BECAUSE THAT WAS THE BIGGEST SHOCK OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE'S BACK!
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    Alias Music in Lost!

    that song at the end of the ep tonight....!!!!!!!! that was on Hurley's CD player! it was in Alias! it was it was it was it was i'm SURE! but what ep? this is driving me crazy :wacko: Beth! :icecream:
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    missed tonight

    i didn't have a chance to watch tonight... if anyone could give me a detailed summary or direct me to a summary, it would be appreciated! :) Beth! :icecream:
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    ok, last night, in that scene where the camera is whirling around...i think it was the one where the korean guy got hit w/ the rock...i saw something on the ground that looked like a rock w/ a red something written on might've been <o> but i don't know...probably not, but did anyone see it?
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    Season 4 Episode 4.07!

    did anyone realize that we're finally having episode 4.07????? eeeeeeeeeeks!!! :jump:
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    Alias or not?

    ok, this is from QUESTION: do you think that Greg should stay on Alias because we LOVE HIM SO MUCH...or should he pursue his own career and star in his own show?
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    Alias Season 5...

    ok, so my friend said that she heard that Alias won't be back for a new season! IS THIS TRUE!!!??? i don't know...i haven't found anything either way... has anyone heard anything? i'm thinking she's :wacko: cuz it's too early to know... isn't it? :blink:
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    International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

    well, i'm just wondering if anyone here is in the IB program, what they think of it, etc... anyone? :)
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    Season 4 Commecial Breaks

    is it ME? or are there TOO MANY BREAKS in this last episode? :angry:
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    Season 4 Who's excited?

    well, it's a celebration thread! :D cuz The Awful Truth is TONIGHT! :reallyexcited:
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    Season 4 The voice on the radio in Shanghai...

    Ok, when she's in Shanghai, "rescuing" that guy, a voice came on the radio, and said, "Sydney Bristow...." blah blah blah... Was that part of the charade? Because it sounded a LOT like...oh...what's his name...the Asian guy who she killed...who Irina hired...him...
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    Season 4 My taping messed up!

    i'm sorry, this doesn't REALLY hafta do with season 4, APO, but it sorta does... i set it all up to tape, i come back later, it's not taped and i have a whole bunch of effing LOST EPISODES ON IT... I NEVER TAPED LOST! except ONCE only 10 minutes of it because my friend needed it... :blowup...
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    Season 4 Official Freak-out thread

    ok, here we can just scream... <span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>AAAAAAAAAAAAH ALIAS IS TONIGHT IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</span> :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited: :reallyexcited...
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    Canadians, i need your help!

    hello! :D i'm doing a report on Canadian food. SO, if you could tell me some examples of authentic Canadian food or something, that would be wonderful ^_^
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    Season 3 Weird "Pawn" connection... [title clarified]

    ok, so in the season 3 finale, lauren talks about sydney being a PAWN... in the season 2 finale, sloane says: "And this time, Sydney will not be a PAWN in our game..." or something... don't know if that random connection means anything though...
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    Title: Complications Summary: Not quite sure yet...Syd and Vaughn meet, but their relationship soon gains complications... Disclaimer: What do I own? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I don't even own the computer that I'm typing this horrible is that? No, JJ and ABC and all those...
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    Favorite Songs from the Show

    i love a TON of the music from the show...but two that i LOVE are: Artist: Smashmouth Song: "Diggin' Your Scene" Episode: Q&A and... i forget the ep...when Sloane is telling Emily about SD-6 and just music plays all season 1.... SO PRETTY ^_^
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    Say What Contest...?

    um, i'm just curious about what happened to the Say What contest! it just vanished! was there a problem with it or something?
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    Alias soundtrack

    hey! guess who got the alias soundtrack for hanukkah!? *finally* :P anyway, i recognize all the songs, just about...but could someone tell me the EXACT episode and EXACT scene that each song is from???? thank you!!!!!!! oh, it's the season 1 soundtrack, not the season 2 (still working to...
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    Where's spydaddy?

    well, this is sorta weird, but... well, my mom likes the magazine InTouch, which is a gossip magazine, but w/e...there's this "rumor true/false" section, and one was about if ben would be on "Jen's Alias"...haha...but anyway.... they superimposed ben over a picture of the cast! it was S4 cuz...