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    Veronica Mars

    Great show. It's sad barely anyone watches it though. The one UPN show I can sit down and enjoy. Anyone else watch?
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    Politics The New Democratic Party

    A lot of the members on this site are Democrats. But it's become fairly obvious that our current dogmas, or those from November 2004, are simply not as appealing to the electorate as we felt they were. I felt Democrats and Republicans should have a place to discuss ways to mend the Democratic...
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    New autopsy reports that Rick James had 9 different drugs in his system including cocaine and meth. He was Rick James b****. That line is so worn out but I thought I'd give it one last hurrah.
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    Politics Senate Report On CIA Failure

    The Senate committee found some pretty startling information. We basically went to war in iraq based upon rumors. Now IMO this is the biggest scandal since Watergate, but nobody seems to be noticing it. The CIA wasn't allowed enough time to gather information because Bush and his cabinet were...
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    What Happened On The Finale

    I couldnt see it can any one gimme a brief rundown on what happened?
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    Good Misery Music

    Any suggestions? I'm looking for serious guitar strumming angst.
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    Season 3 Ratings

    Holy mother of pearl we actually got #1 for the night! This has like never happened before. We beat out Law and Order and Cold Case. This is amazing. The info is up at alias-media.
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    Angel Lives On

    The Saving Angel campaign has done it. In a very bittersweet Matrix Revolutions like feel the SaveAngel campaign (Neo) may not have saved the show (humans) for another season, but the intense media coverage over the show has urged The WB (the evil machines) to approach Joss Whedon about doing a...
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    Angel Has Gone Out With A Bang

    I am sad, confused, and still anticipating the final episode. Spoilers up at spoilerslayer have been confirmed. They give you a lot of background information and I urge you to read them before you read the actual spoilers. Some things are very confusing to me, but some things are very black and...
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    Last Night's Episode

    Classic Scrubs. Great episode. Feel sorry for JD, but you knew it was going to happen. Scott Foley kinda gets on my nerves, but anywho Sean won't last long. Loved th eending, you know it'll be played out more in the next ep. The "fronties" jokes and the clown wars were awesome.
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    My Dad Saw Them Shoot

    My dad works at the CalTrans building in LA. He saw the Alias crew film the Countdown sequence where they were trying to capture Sark and Irina in the Pharmaceutical building. Then the building blew up. Anywho he saw them film again last Friday and Saturday. He said the roads were closed off and...
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    Season 5 What Do Weiss' Looks Towards Lauren Mean?

    Im very confused there is absolutely no news on Weiss for the upcoming episodes, but they showed him giving Lauren a very strange look twice durin episode 14. Any ideas of what could be in store?
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    SD-1 Is Back Up

    Just went there and everything seems to be up.
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    Season 5 Kristin's Chat for 3/22

    Im dying to find out what she said but her transcript wont update on the eonline site. Can someone please post what it says.
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    If Angel Goes Its Goin Out With A Bang!

    According to Buffy will swing by in the finale if SMG is available and it looks like she will. Dawn will be in another episode in early May and in that same episode we will se the return of Darla and Dru. Sounds like a lot of fun.
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    Favorite Writer

    Alias has a lot of great writers, but who's your favorite? BTW can't be JJ cause we all love him. :P Mine is Jesse Alexander (A Dark Turn, Full Diclosure)
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    If you love BTVS and Angel then you will love this show. It came from the minds of Tim Minear (former exec producer of Angel) and the Dead Like Me creator. Its simply hilarious and is the best show to hit the air since Buffy and Firefly went out last season.
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    Politics I Have A Serious Problem With Organized Religion

    Religion is great. Im not being sarcastic at all. Religion can really help people get through some tough times and it guides some people through life. I think when religion is used that way it's a great concept. But here's my issue. Organized religion has led to so many atrocities. All the...
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    Angel Refuses To Die

    IGN reports that the WB simply cant make up its mind. They have entered talks, and i emphasize these are only talks, to pick up season 6 of Angel. The WB is taking heat from critics and international sponsers who enjoy Angel and its strong overseas ratings. As happy as I am to hear that there...
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    Chances of Buffy Returning Increase

    Im really tired i'lladd more to this later tomorrow, but episode 20 is a highly Buffy-centric episode. We could see her at the end of this episode or in epsiode 21. But its looking more and more likely that SMG will come back somewhere along the line from epsiode 20-22 to say goodbye to her...