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    SD-1 Refugees

    Hey everyone! Nice to see some familiar faces (well, ok names!) over here! So that was Shia in Disturbia. I remember seeing the ads and thinking hey isn't that Lewis from Even Stevens? I didn't realize that Transformers was written by 2 Alias writers. How cool, another movie to add to my...
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    Season 5 Vaughn.Nadia.Weiss.

    I voted for Vaughn as the show is just not the same without him. I want him to be back for more than just one epi as well. Then it would be Weiss. We need his humour! Not missing Nadia as much but it was nice to see her onscreen last week so am actually looking forward to tonight's episode...
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    Season 5 Is Vaughn ....?

    I am hoping that it was just a fake death not stringing us along because we don't want to believe it to be true.
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    Season 5 New Male Agent

    :rolleyes: I hope that this character being more "fun" is to replace GG not MV because MV is soooo much hotter in my books.
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    Season 5 Discuss the 5.01 Script Pages

    :o Now I really hope MV isn't leaving! I know it's late so I may be way off here but I was trying to make sense of this new french name and I thought back to S2 when in A Free Agent Syd & Vaughn were looking for the Caplans. Vaughn said he had some contacts that didn't know him as CIA but as...