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  1. screenersam

    Music Christmas Music

    '2000 Decembers', Joy Williams 'All is Well', Steven Curtis Chapman 'Some Children See Him', Gwinneth Bean
  2. screenersam

    Horror available Downunder Kids, Aussies and Kiwis take note

    never heard of the 'Dead Lands' show I can't spare the bandwith but I'll keep it in mind thanx for sharing
  3. screenersam

    The Space Apart

    trailer apparently a home-brew retro series looks pretty good
  4. screenersam

    Politics Election Catch All - current U.S President Race

    we has our own election going on sorry I have no idea what's going on in Oz. our media ignores the rest of the world, unfortunately.
  5. screenersam

    Dinosaur World

    Chinese. can't tell from the trailer what's going on, but--dinosaurs!
  6. screenersam

    Horror My 2020 Shocktober Movie Playlist

    caught a few minutes of 'Carnival of Souls' the other day on TCM. what a strange movie. very well done.
  7. screenersam

    This place needs more activity

    do TOS. no borgs or Q. too bad they never fought any cool robots like the cybermen
  8. screenersam

    Abyssal Spider the title says it all, I think I don't think the actual spider is that big
  9. screenersam

    Help w/sub-Genre Naming Conventions

    I think I found it This is the Japanese poster for the release of the little-seen 1976 mondo documentary about sharks that was filmed by the Italian director Bruno Vailati (who’s probably best known for the 1961 version of The Thief of...
  10. screenersam

    Help w/sub-Genre Naming Conventions

    saw this: 1976 Japanese horror action movie "Shark." might be 'Jaws' re-released
  11. screenersam

    Horror My 2020 Shocktober Movie Playlist

    does SyFy still show those cheesy made-for-tv monster flicks? I remember them as being silly but reasonably entertaining. more sci-fi than Halloween I guess, but the dinosaur skeletons coming alive was kewl
  12. screenersam

    Old house creepy walls

    kewl story thanks for sharing
  13. screenersam

    Horror My 2020 Shocktober Movie Playlist

    I generally watch Halloween III not very popular but I really like for some reason. 'Plague of the Zombies'. Hammer Kolchak is always good maybe the 'Lie to Me' episode of Buffy. sort of stand alone.
  14. screenersam

    Help w/sub-Genre Naming Conventions

    can't read Japanese so not sure what category this might go in...
  15. screenersam

    I'm new here!

    welcome good luck on yr project gotta love leggos
  16. screenersam

    Help w/sub-Genre Naming Conventions

    maybe separate traditional Caribbean zombies ('I Walked with a Zombie') and the techno-ghoul felgercarb these days.
  17. screenersam

    star trek is dead on film

    I didn't watch the last one losing interest in movies in general. all sex and foul language and leftist politics. I did watch Godzilla. I think stuff like ST does better in a longer format. more time to explore the characters and intricate plot lines. some critic suggested this was the...
  18. screenersam

    Help w/sub-Genre Naming Conventions

    Kaiju post-apocalypse
  19. screenersam

    What Is This From ?