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    Finally a halo movie Here's the full article
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    I've lost alot of hours of my life on that game :\ beware of Herobine
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    He came to my window

    Im recording the time here, 12:14, i was woken at 12:10 with a loud crash at my window, i thought it was some raccoon getting into the garbage,then i saw him at my window, his shadow behind my curtains, i don't know what he wants! But i know it involve me, as some of might have seen i made a...
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    Whats going on?

    i woke today at 5 in the morning, not normal, to find two pictures i had drawn in front of me, i dont remember drawing them, so the logical things would be i did, but it was so late i dont remember or i drew them in my sleep, but the pictures..disturbed me, I do recall this man i drew, i see him...
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    Dead Island Trailer

    holy felgercarb, i remember the first trailer they made was when i was a freshmen! WHAT THE frack IS TAKING THEM SO LONG?!?!
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    im a little diffrent

    This will not excuse you from anything, your like what? 11? 12? you shouldn't even be talking like that
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    I think it's a great map, this map is more for team work and not just running around like a bunch of chickens with your heads cut off, i enjoy the PHD flopper perk's just awesome :]
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    umm... im confused

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    Oh's time

    Because he's a hater and haters gunna hate
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    Oh's time

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    Funny Movie Quotes

    Time for me "There was a FIRE FIGHT!" ahh boondock saints..i love you "LAAAAAWWWWWW" "Ditto" mean the pokemon? "stop eating my sesame cake :]...D:< STOP EATING MY SESAME CAKE!" No! "How'd it get burned? HOW'D IT BE BURNED?! HOW'D IT BE BURNED?!" I did it! >...
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    Sorry for Absence

    Ya..keep it the xbox way..or im coming on wow and kicking your ass
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    Halo Wars

    All of your arguments are invalid...because we all know...chuck west is more epic then halo wars....he's covered wars you know
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    XBox Xbox Girls gets revenge

    Id like to point out...helm posted..hell! she was on the site!
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    Amazing redone song

    This guy, is F****** amazing at this song. it was such a beautiful remake i actually busted out my gamecube hooked it up and started playing wind waker TvT it's such a good game im crying
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    Angry person in our party :D

    So we had a very pissy Canadian in our party, Tye recorded it but we're still working on the video, to show what kind of person we delt is a video I will be posting the real Video of the guy
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    Battlefield Bad Co. 2 Vietnam!

    O have black ops to play Vietnam so..yeah
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    Happy holidays!

    a classic in the meter house hold (Half speed knows this song well)