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  1. Aen

    GFX Artwork Of Daax

    never see a roid raging stickman before :D
  2. Aen

    What are you playing now?

    what server are you playing on Cordy? I am on kithicor
  3. Aen

    What are you playing now?

    Playing EQ2 now... what about you all? Anything change? Someone has been trying to get me to play runes of magic ( ) he says the graphics are a rip off of WoW, but the game play is different.. supposed to be F2P but in open beta. I havent played a good F2P game yet.
  4. Aen

    Light the fires & kick the tires

    did you guys check out the video here: I cannot get the sound to work, but it looks amazing.
  5. Aen

    Light the fires & kick the tires

    i did a short thing on my blog about the Wired article.. and i got a response from someone in simu on it. This is the 2nd person i heard from that said its not dead and they are working on it.
  6. Aen

    HJ Voted 8 for Vaporware of the year 2008

    Not sure if you all seen but: HJ was voted number 8 for Vaporware of the year for Wired. I am not to concerned yet. I bet a huge announcement will come this year sometime with information saying its not dead and here is...
  7. Aen

    Andy 4 Missouri Governor!!

    One of the Sr Programmers over at Simutronics that has coded a lot of the Hero Engine is running for Governor of Missouri! i agree with a lot of what he says. Get the government out and let private organizations help people instead of people...
  8. Aen


    i never seen a 5.9 for a score. I got a beefed up system and it runs awesome. And i am using McAfee on it Enterpise edition of it. Do you have ultimate? They have an awesome Resouce Monitor on it that is VERY detailed. Bring open the Task Manager and click on the performance...
  9. Aen

    Warhammer Online - The Day of Reckoning

    I am playing Warhammer right now. It has a lot of RvR stuff that is an option. Though, its not mandatory or forced. I think without it, the game would be lacking.
  10. Aen

    Terry Goodkind

    isnt the wizards first rule that all people are idiots? :P
  11. Aen

    Simucon 2008

    wow, this is like right next to my work :P And i didnt even realize it happened...
  12. Aen

    Simutronics at Austin GDC

    whatcah doing down there now?
  13. Aen

    Simutronic's new Building? Expansion?

    hehe what up jacob
  14. Aen

    World of World of Warcraft

    World of World of Warcraft ROFL
  15. Aen


    woot! i am trying to becoming a Ranger too! :) Really hard to become one. A bored of rangers has to approve you and you have to prove your worth. Luckily one of my friends was one of the first rangers that microsoft had. Brilliant exchange guy. are talking about in game ranger...
  16. Aen

    EverQuest II and EverQuest Live free

    i was able to log into EQ2 again. Not sure how much i will play though.
  17. Aen


    Nice! grats on getting out. Now the fun begins!
  18. Aen

    Frosty de ef two

    who? :P
  19. Aen

    Age of Conan

    I played AoC since release and i got bored really fast. The first 20 lvls were great then it just got boring fast. Anyone else finding the same thing?
  20. Aen

    Happy Birthday HJ-Frozz

    Happy happy birthday!