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    Long Gone

    Title: Long Gone Genre: General Disclaimer: I don't own Alias Summary: Nadia reflects on her life in the orphanage, and the events which led to her eventually escaping that environment. Chapter One The beeping of the alarm clock; the groans to turn it off; the stampede of girls running to...
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    Mickey (Mouse)

    Title: Mickey Author: moi! (li'l roo) Genre: A little on the humorous side Rating: PG - tiny bit of swearing Summary: Sydney is a new student at her school and coincidentally is paired up with Michael Vaughn who takes on the role of her buddy. If being a new student isnt hard enough, Sydney...
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    Why Can't I?

    Title: Why Can't I Author: li'l roo Genre: General Status: In progress... ^_^ Rating: PG Spoilers: No spoilers in this one. Summary: Whoa! It's an Alias set in Australia! Sydney and Vaughn are complete strangers but are brought together through the turmoil of their fathers'...
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    G'day all, So I'm new here! :blush: And I'm from the land of Aus. So that means we haven't been shown the fifth season of Alias yet! Oh, it's driving me up the wall! But just because we're a little behind here, only gives us more time to catch up. Anyway, cheers for having me! I...