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  1. Galactus_CinVin

    Favorite Bands/Group

    Whats yours? Classic Rock/Acid Rock for me would be Jefferson Airplane. New Rock for me would be Linkin park. Old School Rap- N.W.A New Rap-LL Cool J (New albums hawt)
  2. Galactus_CinVin

    The Dark Knight

    I thought this was an excellent movie. The way Heath Ledger played The Joker so sinisterly made the movie perfect. I am sad that The Joker wont be in any sequels since Heath Ledger is dead. R.I.P
  3. Galactus_CinVin

    Gtizzle in teh house boyz

    I am everywhere. I'm like aids.
  4. Galactus_CinVin

    Request A sig please =D [COMPLETED]

    Well I saw the movie "The Dark Knight" and I would love a sig of the joker. Item: Signature Size: Normal signature size Colors: Maybe the jokers suit colors. Images: Maybe incorporate this or...