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    Jen Poll

    Here is a cool Valentine poll with Jen in it. Of course I voted for her! But she is only in 2nd right now so help her out guys (and girls) :)
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    More Jennifer Garner News

    Just FYI for those who havent heard, Elektra will be released on DVD on April 9th. There are not many detail available yet but I cant wait!
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    hi everyone!

    Just saying hello everyone! I am in Richmond, VA, USA and have been a fan of Alias for a while but obsessed with it as of late. That is mainly because I just started watching every episode. I have realized what I missed. My wife and I went out and bought all 3 seasons on DVD and have watched...
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    More Power for Marshall

    does anyone else think that Marshall needs some attention? I mean the guy has been vying for attention for years now. He saves their asses all the time and barely gets a thanks. I guess being tech geek I know how it feels. Come on Marshall, let everyone know man! I mean Kevin W. needs to let JJ...