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  1. Tommey

    C & C My 1st Sig.

    This is my 1st EVER sig: tell me what you think.
  2. Tommey

    Request Logo & Avatar *Needs Designer* allowed to rerequest

    Logo: Size: 300x200 Text: epitome of Perfection Style: Text sig, maybe some pen-tool etc.. Avatar: Size: 100x100 Text: eoP Thanks, Tommey
  3. Tommey

    Request Tommey *Completed*

    Size:300x200 (GB Size) Text: Serenity Gaming Render: No Other: Well, i was thinking of a black backround and Text in middle maybe with animation? like your Deep Ambition one but not a Loading thing :) P.S - If you could do that, but also do another with Revenge & FLeNJ Undrr neath Serenity...
  4. Tommey

    GFX Call Of Duty 4 Sign Up?

    So if your interested in a cod4 tourny then post your clans name and page copy the below and add on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [paradoX-Gaming] -
  5. Tommey


    So, what type/bands do you like?.. ------------------ I like some rave and some indie e.g Taking Back Sunday i also like some rap yO
  6. Tommey

    Request Tommey *Finished*

    Scrap my last Reguest. Avatar Size : 100x100 Text : pdX (for paradoX-Gaming Render : Nope Style : I Was thinking if you could maybe add some effects or maybe a animation Also if someone could make me a avatar with a Crown on top of the letter T maybe blue or red? something like...
  7. Tommey

    Request Tommey *Needs Designer*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300): 400x300 Text: Get Slapped Sub-Text: up to you :) something that will suit it. Game/Render requested (post links): dont want one. Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no choice): erm MLGish if you get me Contact Info: AIM - GB Tommey MSN -...
  8. Tommey

    Hello Everyone

    Well, My names Tom and im 15, from England :sofa:
  9. Tommey


    Well me and some gaming mates are starting up a new team a mult-gaming clan. but we need some suggestions on a clan name. i thought of [paradoX-Gaming] - pdX but we want some more ideas. we will need a clan tag wich we will be putting in our GamerTags. we already have our CoD4 Team up and...
  10. Tommey

    GFX TJ Studios Logo. CnC.
  11. Tommey

    GFX Help...

    Were can i download CS3 and get it for you no watwat
  12. Tommey


    Hello... Again, Sorry Brad :)
  13. Tommey

    GFX Team zG Request!

    Need a logo for GB. 300x115
  14. Tommey

    GFX Request(s)

    Well, for zG (my clan) we want a lot of avatars all different styles, could anyone?
  15. Tommey


    Whats your Favourite Band/Singer. Myn - Taking Back Sunday
  16. Tommey


    Who's got one?? i'll start it off with .. Me/Tommey
  17. Tommey


    Hi, I'm New Here.. My name is Tom and i'm 15. Cheers Sam for telling me about this.