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    Season 5 Irina?

    Just a thought... What did Irina mean when she said to Syd, "you may not see me on your wedding day, but I'll see you." and also...I dont understand how she could have known about Vaughn, and not Jack or Sloane who both have so many connections and can alwayus figure everything out in order to...
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    Anyone read US weekly lately?

    UM...TODAY i read in us weekly this whole thing about how they left the cliffhanger so cliffhanger "ish" because there was a lot of pressure from JG to kill of Vaughn because of tension w/ Affleck when he visits the set or something and they couldn't decide what to do so they left the season...
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    Season 5 What Next?

    OOK, so the alias cliffhangers always kinda set up the next in when syd was missing, it set up S3, then last year's SAB 47 led us to APO..what do you all think will happen next? I have a few ideas...but would really like to hear yours.... 1. Syd lost memory of the conversation...
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    Season 4 The woman

    So Vaughn is talking to a nurse..then he finds out there isnt even a nurse that covers those shifts...hmmmm who is that woman? The only thought I have is that they took the oh-so-Alias changing the way people look a little bit too far, and now Bill Vaughn looks like a middle-aged black woman...
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    Season 4 Ice 5?!?!?

    That was a decent episode...except that it was basically plagarism. Anyone here ever read the book Cat's Crade by Kurt Vonnegut? Well, it's about this substance called ICE 9 that will freeze a person when it comes into contact with their bodily in lips, eyes etc.... 5 min. into...
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    Sorry...this was probably thought of like 500 years ago, but I haven't heard of anything, and I was curious. I know that some characters (ie: Alice) were named for certain reasons. I just realized today that Houdini..the famous magician's real name was ERICH WEISS. That's also Eric Weiss'...