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  1. ShaFtiaN

    ShaFtiaN is back

    who remembers me :]
  2. ShaFtiaN

    Request Yhadii

    Sorry for the delay im the only designer right now and i forgot Zin was gone... if you dont like it im sorry bro its the best i can do im not even good with this stuff im just trying to help out... Subtext didnt look good btw... any questions contact me
  3. ShaFtiaN

    Saints Row 2

    Saints Row 2 October 14, 2008 Saints Row 2 takes place a few years after the original. Several new upstart gangs have been able to sweep in and make their mark on Stilwater. At the same time, a multi-national conglomerate known as the Ultor Corporation has become a pivotal player...
  4. ShaFtiaN

    Request MeGaMan08

    Here you go buddy my first request hope you're satisfied. v1 v2 v3 v4 Avy1 Avy2 It was my first request it was a little tough. I tried my best i think i did decent. Just hope you enjoy it. In my opinion v4 is the best. Tell me if you want any...
  5. ShaFtiaN

    C & C ConTraGaTe GFX

    Kinda a new designer heres my stuff so far... GH Sig it may be simple without many effects but its my favorite! RB6V2 Sig requested on GB Gotta love the Iron Bunny! By far my best with the text hate the bottom left its too dark :[ My GB Logo think its tight! What do you guys think?
  6. ShaFtiaN

    C & C ShaFtiaN's First Sig In Forever

    My last sig was made forever ago haha This sig was made for my cousin because he is a GH God! I'm getting back into designing so i will soon apply for designer spot cgfx stands for ConTraGaTe GFX (im changing my GT to ConTraGaTe soon) What do you guys think?
  7. ShaFtiaN

    Request CoMpeNsaTioN - Logo *CLOSED*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):300x200 Text:CoMpeNsaTioN Sub-Text:ConTraGaTe and ProVaCaTe Game/Render requested (post links):none Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no choice) looking for a professional looking logo/banner Contact Info:aim - jmets357
  8. ShaFtiaN

    ShaFtiaN is back

    hey guys after a long break im back idk if anyone remembers me...
  9. ShaFtiaN

    GFX Free graphics program...

    For all the people that don't have or can't afford photoshop gimp is a free program that can allow you to create simple types of graphics... Just wanted to throw this out here because i know there are probably many people that don't know about gimp and need a program...
  10. ShaFtiaN

    Resources I make EA userbars too :]

    I am feeling generous so i made an EA user bar... Rules: I'm not gonna make a different user bar for every person so just tell me text you would like me to put on it... It will look like this... Please post here don't aim me... Also the only thing i ask in return is plus rep :]...
  11. ShaFtiaN

    Great Madden Play

    Scenario: Superstar Mode starring James Emilio #7 the QB from Kansas City in the 2008 Super Bowl. Emilio scrambled towards to sideline looking to sneak a 1 yard run for the first down in a tied ball game on 3rd down. As he scrambles hes double teamed but lobs a short pass to Darling and Darling...
  12. ShaFtiaN

    Resources To DiZzy from ShaFt <3

    Just what you asked for Diz except im making another one so you have a choice :] By far the best sig i've made but i just started today haha im cruising! Hope you like it enjoy...the next sig is almost done its another weezy siggy :] i just finished this one now :] i had fun doing these...
  13. ShaFtiaN

    C & C My first sigs please leave some feedback...

    For everyones information these are my first ever sigs besides text sigs...! Okay for my first sig i found a tut and i decided lupe fiasco would be great for this sig.... Just seems like text is my enemy right now hows the text on this? ^ Still learning i think i did better on the text but...
  14. ShaFtiaN

    ShaFtiaN is here...

    Sup everyone, Im ShaFtiaN you can just call me ShaFt is you want... I love gfx, gaming, sports and girls... I was referred by DiZzY! <3 you DiZ... I hope to spend a lot of time here also...