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  1. +wa.xFactor

    C & C 2 Latest

    Well I will be more active soon I am just busy with my EXAMS XD but here are two sigs I made in my free time. oldest to newest comments are welcome
  2. +wa.xFactor

    Dope Wars

    I keep surfing the web to find some fun games to play and I found this and it is quite fun but not 100% fun :P and if you would like to join click this link.
  3. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Project seven

    I made a logo for my first series and for a school project also :P but ya I am going to be making series and each of them will have a name to it my first one will be called "PROJECT SEVEN" comments are welcome
  4. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Crysis 2

    This is another CRYSIS sig xD I think the renders that I used so far fit many styles >.< hope you like and enjoy ;) comments are welcome
  5. +wa.xFactor

    C & C New Style :D

    I am leaving smudging tags and moving on to try new things and I like this outcome NO SMUDING XD Text for the word Crysis I tried to make it smaller but it looked stupid any smaller xD comments are welcome
  6. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Logo?

    Well I was trying for the Transformers type logo with my nickname but not what I wanted but this is my outcome. One version has a black background other is transparent :) comments are welcome
  7. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Prince Of Persia

    A sig after a little 2 week break or 1 week xD but ya here it is Prince Of Persia ;) comments are welcome
  8. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Portfolio

    Ya well I want to try making some more templates for there are some really nice ones out there I will still be making sigs :P but you might see some more templates from me ;) Deviantpage: C&C is very welcome and please...
  9. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Dante :d

    Well this was just made for a little battle with someone on a diff site so I hope you like :D comments are welcome......
  10. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Vexel Attempt

    This was annoying xD I think I have 105 layers o.o but ya tried something really different this time but I don't think it is my best xD comments are welcome
  11. +wa.xFactor

    C & C No.55

    Don't ask why I named it that for I dunno why xD comments are welcome
  12. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Tags Of Novemeber

    All my tags of this month :D Gifts comments are welcome :D
  13. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Unnamed

    Did not know what to name it but its mostly clipping masks and photomanipulation :P comments are welcome
  14. +wa.xFactor

    C & C DA Welcome Page V2

    This is the new welcome page and I hope you like it ;) comments are welcome
  15. +wa.xFactor

    Site Support

    Okay, at the time we are running short on cash to pay for our site's domain. We'll need $150. That's $5 from 30 people or $2.50 from 60 people. We appreciate all help, if the site can raise most of the money xFactor can probably make up the difference. If we do not get enough money to pay for...
  16. +wa.xFactor

    C & C The Creed

    Try some tips I got from a mw :D comments are welcome
  17. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Disintergration

    Well the animation is not really good in Photoshop but what I tried to get is a nice speed for the text disintergrating and then turning into dust and fading away.... comments are welcome
  18. +wa.xFactor

    Tutorial DMC4 Nero Tutorial

    Please enjoy this tutorial :D Resources No ripping please.
  19. +wa.xFactor

    C & C Rukia

    Well tell me what ya think :) comments are welcome
  20. +wa.xFactor

    C & C DMC 4 Nero

    Well I like my friends style but I moved from it to something that involved some of his techniques but was using more then just the stock. Avy :P Comments are welcome.