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    Ctrl+'s Poetic coma.

    My fav is definitely ''I could be your hero''. I find it very easy to imagine a verse like that in a song. Have you ever tried to write a whole song? By the looks of your work you could be a good lyricist.
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    GFX SOTW 1 - Vote

    I'll put in my vote for Ctrl+
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    Anyone like Rugby?

    I'm not the biggest fan, but it happens to be my national sport. And the world cup is coming here next year, the city will be pumpin'!
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    Favorite Firefox Addons?

    Greasemonkey.. It shows timestamps etc that are usually hidden, also heaps of other features.
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    Some Cool Photos of Mine

    Yeah the stadium one is really nice.. Captures the atmosphere well. I also like the one of the yellow beach house or whatever it is, something refreshing about it.
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    Preferred genre...?

    RPG/Shooters. Games like Mass Effect which blend both are awesome.
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    GFX SOTW 1 - Discussion

    Nice, clean entries coming through..
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    Favorite Season

    Spring.. Not too hot or cold.. A bit of both worlds..
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    GFX SOTW 1 - Entries
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    I used to do comic sketches.. once I started high school I sorta became less interested and stopped.
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    Favourite icecream flavour?

    Mine would have to be chocolate with cookies and fudge. However that is a luxury. For 'normal' ice cream I like either plain vanilla or choc chip orange.
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    Rate the avatar above you.

    7.5/10 I like the concept and composition.
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    Your first tag?

    My first was a horrible transparent thing. I deleted it out of shame. I started designing in Feb this year.
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    How long have you been using Forums?

    About 3 years. Then again my family didn't have internet until 4 years ago..
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    What is your favorite game?

    Mine would have to be Mass Effect 1 & 2 [can't really decide which is best]. I look forward to any future releases from Bioware.
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    PSN or Live?

    Thankfully the price increase isn't hitting us down under. Although we are lacking in content so it would be just wrong if they did.
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    Tutorial Creating and using a brush.

    Ooo I didn't know this could be done. I'll try it out a bit later. This will be handy if I can't find a brush that fits what I need.
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    For Sale Eagle Logo

    Okay. Should be coming through soon.
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    Welcome to the site IXIAGitATorIXI

    Fancy seeing you here :) :P.
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    Favorite T.V. Show?

    Currently my fav is fringe as it is like a modern day x-files. The mentalist is an interesting show too.