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  1. Wolf0

    Random thoughts.... post yours!

    But... What about the humans who attempt to keep it? Their knowledge and expertise is invaluable, achieving the dexterity and talent for understanding and keeping this world species might be annoying and distract them for more important things like... Like watching stars! :3 It is, from video...
  2. Wolf0

    From a nightmare fuel place from the internet...

    Thanks :) I need to practice my English, sorry, I'll try to type slow lol
  3. Wolf0

    Random thoughts.... post yours!

    Aliens have superior technology and knowledge, if they discovered Earth as we have discovered many distant places within Earth and consider them exotic and worth keeping, wouldn't it be cool if maybe one or two Aliens decided to drop advanced technology to help conservation of the planet?
  4. Wolf0

    PS4 co-op players?

    I'm looking for players in any co-op game on the PS4. I'll send you my PSN upon request or leave me yours and I add you. I have all Resident Evil games lol And I'm willing to get any nice co-op...
  5. Wolf0

    Photo-realism or not?

    I see games as art and I rather play something that displays an unique style and work, rather than scans, I know scanning humans and environments is today thing, but... For me... Hand made art...
  6. Wolf0

    From a nightmare fuel place from the internet...

    I have seen horrible stuff... And now I'm moving slowly from one fandom to another... Are you welcoming? I have since high school that I haven't touch a forum so please bear with me, that years ago! I make games and love music. How is everyone doing tonight?