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    Oceanic Flight 815 is mentioned on Chuck

    I don't know if any of you are watching the new show Chuck on NBC - but on last night's episode when they had him sitting in front of the TV at "Buy More" and running all the pictures in front of him - he said Oceanic Flight 815 is shot out of..... Very interesting for an NBC show to talk about...
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    Season 5 Irena's Agenda

    After tonight's episode, it looks like Irena is pretty high up in Prophet 5. But she was trying to get the Horizon by herself. It makes me think that her agenda and Prophet 5's agenda might be different (what ever that might be) Anyone have any ideas? I do believe that part of Irena's agenda...
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    Romance Failure to Launch

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen Failure to Launch with Sarah Jessica Park and Mathew McConahey (I know I probably murdered the spelling of his name, sorry). Bradley Cooper is also in the movie. I saw him on Regis last week talking about the movie. Both him and Mathew play guys that...
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    Gilmore Girl's Spoiler

    Jess is coming back for an episode in April. Apparently Rory is going to pay him a visit in Philidelphia where he and some friends are opening a business and have their living quarter's upstairs. (sounds familar) The Kim household is going to be paid a visit by Mrs. Kim's mother...should be...
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    Greg Grunberg on House

    I saw on the previews for the next episode of House that Greg will be guest starring. He will be playing the husband who's wife has dies and House wants to keep her body alive so that he can eventually use her body parts for another patient. Sounds good and like it will a very emotional part...
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    Season 5 Time to start emailing ABC

    We are now less than a month away from March and ABC has not given us a date for the return of Alias. The rumors have started to fly that the March schedule for ABC is full and there is no place for Alias. Apparetnly they have several new shows scheduled to start in March, but no Alias. I...
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    Last Letter Game

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    ABC's of Lost

    A is for airplaine B is for...
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    No more Alias reruns on TNT

    For whatever reason TNT has stopped showing reruns of Alias :angry: right in the middle of season three. They have chosen to replace it with more reruns of Law and Order. Yes, I have all 4 season on DVD, but that is not the point. The point is that how can other people discover Alias, if TNT...
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    Season 5 Special Guest Spoilers

    According to Kristen from E, she has received confirmation that Bradly Cooper will be on the 100th episode. Unfortunately, because he is going to be in a broadway play with Julia Roberts, he will not be able to be in the season finale. Kristen is also saying that that Nadia will soon be waking...
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    Attached is a link to a picture from the episode "The Hunting Party". There is speculation that the boy in the top right hand corner is Walt. What do you think? If it is him, why didn't he say anything? When you open up the page, click on the picture to enlarge it...
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    Ocean's 13

    I read in Entertainment Weekly that there will be an Ocean's 13 (don't know if that will be the title). Same director and George Clooney and Brad Pitt are signed. I don't know who else is going to be in the movie. But if they they were going to add another person to the team, who would you...
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    Last Letter Game

    :welcome: The other Last Letter Game let's start a new goes...:confetti: Alais
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    Season 5 The Birth

    According to's baby is going to be born during episode 11 and Jack will be in the delivery room...I guess that means she will escape the ship before the baby is born. They also give a tentive return date...airing episodes 10 and 11 on March 2nd.
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    All Thing's George

    The more I watch the show, the more I love George. So I would like to dedicate this topic to George, so all the George lovers can come together and talk about him. Are there anymore George lover's out there? What do you think is in store for him? Do you think he will get together with...
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    Season 5 What was she really looking for?

    I know that Irena says that she was looking for information to help her find "Horizon"...but I don't get why that information would be on the SD cell map. (I do realize that we don't know what "Horizon" is yet) What I keep going back to was that when Sydney pretended to be Julia Thorne it was...
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    Luke's Daughter

    I thought that this was in interesting development that we find out that Luke has a daughter. I think this will be pretty interesting. She seems to be real smart (like Rory). While I don't think his daughter will hurt L&L's relationship, I think that the girl's mother might cause some...
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    Season 5 Weiss Spoiler

    According to Agent Wiess is going to get an offer he can't refuse - he is going to get an offer to work for the President.
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    Lost has a new website for us to explore. It is I haven't check out the whole site yet. (There is alot there) If you click on "Explore" and 3 dots will appear. Each dot has a name when you move the cursor over it. Click the third dot "The Hatch" - in the middle of the...
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    New Cast Member

    Cynthia Watros will play, Libby, This could be fun. Does anyone know anything about Cynthia Watros? [added spoiler tags for people who want to know nothing, hope you don't mind ~ v]