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    C & C Naruto

    No seriously, on my screen the wireframes from what i can see are the frames going at the same angles and lines on the frame the same. Maybe my screen is to dark but thats all i can see from here. But yeah your sigs have been 80% the same with different renders/text/colour for the past...
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    C & C Naruto

    Not bad, same style as 70% of your work though. It also looks like you have just through in the render over your rihanna sig with new text/no colour. The wireframe looks exactly the same, unless its my monitor making it dark so i cant see it all.
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    C & C Latest

    yeah i like it, much different to all the other work you do. I think most of your stuff is starting to become very similar now, nice job on this one.
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    C & C Jessica Biel.

    The stock was high resolution/quality but i screwed it up and couldnt find what i did. So i left it.
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    C & C Something different

    not your best. Text is horrible.
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    Post Your Desktop.

    So lets see everyones desktops. Mines pretty empty.
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    C & C Rihanna

    Nice effects, dont like the rihanna text colour and the render isnt the greatest but very nice indeed.
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    C & C Sotw???

    V2 is best imo. V1 the text isnt very clear and everything looks a bit blury. V3 the text is to out there if you know what i mean and i dont like the Neon. V2 is best.
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    C & C AbstractOOOOOOOOOH

    lol till you posted the way you did it, it didnt look like you did alot at all. The way you made it was very nice though.
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    C & C PN

    Nice, not sure about the colour.
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    C & C Jessica Biel.

    Yeah i used clipping mask and tried to get it as good as possible. Anyway cheers, ill mess about with more effects and post some more up later.
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    C & C Jessica Biel.

    Not sure if i like it personally, but im just messing about atm with different effects and brushes. Anyway what do you guys think?
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    C & C new

    Decent concept but looks a bit blury, doesnt really stand out that well. Nice text though.
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    Official: Member Pictures!

    lol, i have a baby face aswell. Bad thing is they always say im cute, im not a fan of cute.
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    Official: Member Pictures!

    Collateral you look a bit young compared to your mates lol.
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    Miley Cyrus

    Shes hot but shes not even 16 yet.
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    C & C New siggy

    Yeah kind of cool, the left side where you have moved it and you can see the gun/explosion again is a bit off and blurs it a bit. Apart from that its good.
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    C & C Snipa Collection.

    Yeah cheers, i like the bottom 2 aswell, some of my first sigs they where.
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    GFX Look at this pro.

    Yeah hes awesome, bet hes got some right expensive gear though. Like some proper good pads where you can draw using photoshop.
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    C & C Snipa Collection.

    Here is some of my collection that i can find, most of my stuff ive lost or never uploaded properly.