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    Season 5 Is Vaughn ....?

    try not to put spoilers here...I'm sure many people can tell you exactly what happens if you go onto the spoiler forums.... sorry for the agressiveness but i cant believe i just saw Vaughn shot like 15 times. What on EARTH! He better not be dead... Maybe I'm in denial..butttttt killing off...
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    Season 5 Countdown to Prophet 5

    Oh god. I never thought of that. I am gonna have to tape the OC..but I have soccer practice on Thursday night, so I already have to tape alias... O god. I need Tivo. but 39 days :)
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    Season 5 Countdown to Prophet 5

    Are all of you people reading spoilers...because I'm dying not reading them. Can we start a support group? IS there one?! WOW 44 DAYS!! it's already marked on my calendar!! :lol:
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    Season 5 Irina?

    Just a thought... What did Irina mean when she said to Syd, "you may not see me on your wedding day, but I'll see you." and also...I dont understand how she could have known about Vaughn, and not Jack or Sloane who both have so many connections and can alwayus figure everything out in order to...
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    Season 5 Pregnancy + "Sydney" = ?

    this has probably been discussed...but weren't all her eggs removed when she was missing for 2 years???????? and didnt they make it clear that she destroyed them all when she went at them with a blow torch?
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    Anyone read US weekly lately?

    UM...TODAY i read in us weekly this whole thing about how they left the cliffhanger so cliffhanger "ish" because there was a lot of pressure from JG to kill of Vaughn because of tension w/ Affleck when he visits the set or something and they couldn't decide what to do so they left the season...
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    Season 4 Nadia: Will she make it?

    so true..i was so happy when she got shot lol.
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    Season 4 If vaughn isn't vaughn... who is he?

    ye i know Bill Vaughn is Vaughn's father..but if Vaughn isn't vaughn..then who is bill vaughn to (not) Vaughn? Because he can't be his father if he isn't really michael vaughn? you know what im saying? lol
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    Season 4 If vaughn isn't vaughn... who is he?

    I so's gonna be so werid not calling him Vaughn..that's such a good spy name. :( Yeah..sorry i havent read this whole thread, but i was wondering... Who is Bill Vaughn..Vaughn had to have been close to this guy considering all that happened this season? WHo is vaughn working for...
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    Season 5 What Next?

    OOK, so the alias cliffhangers always kinda set up the next in when syd was missing, it set up S3, then last year's SAB 47 led us to APO..what do you all think will happen next? I have a few ideas...but would really like to hear yours.... 1. Syd lost memory of the conversation...
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    Season 4 Jack is like Vaughn?

    Maybe Lauren isn't dead....:|
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    Season 4 Is Sloane Really Bad?

    Sloane=BAD :angry: I don't think it really matters if Rambaldi is makin him evil the bottom line is he is EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Now, I have realized that Jack is never truly bad, and he always has Syd's best interest at heart, but Sloane, he's a snake. He never hesitates to abandon or...
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    Season 4 Jack and Irina

    i dont know if someone already said it, but I thought it was the sweetest thing ever in the histroy of anything (other than vaughn proposing) that like the ONLY time jack ever smiles is when he is with least in this epi..but still aww i love VG!
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    Season 4 LENA'S BACK!

    O MAN! i had no tv guide..but when i saw her name in teh opening credits i FREAKEDDDDD OUTTT omg she makes alias so good she better frikin stay on the show. Let's all write her letters and send her cookies and flowers and gifts to thank her for completing my life and giving it meaning once...
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    Season 4 Rate: Search and Rescue

    WORD UP! holy mother of all mother I cried a few times because of excitement..i mean i NEVER EVER EVER EXPECTED LENA OLIN TO COME BACK!! LIKE HOLY CRAPP!!! AAAH I FREAKED OUT WHen i saw her omfg!! aahh i juyst watched it now because i was so busy this week..i cried in the...
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    Season 4 Countdown: The Descent

    OH MY MOTHER! so very excited. My mouth was wide open in excitement "Sydney Bristow I want to spend the res tof my life with you!" AAAHHHH SO HAPPY!!! SO MUCH BETTER THAN BENNIFER2!
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    Last letter game!

    Oy Vey someone should see which words come up the most haha
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    Season 4 Arvin Clone

    ANND...this Joel Grey guy was in WICKED!!! WAAHOOO!!! He was the original wizard in teh musical! HAHAHA I love how these actors play such ridiculous roles (I always laugh out loud when I see Ron Rifkin playing the head of a synagog in my favouriote movie Keeping the Faith) YAY I love alias...
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    Alias Renewed for Season 5!

    eww you suck. please stop talking. Alias should last forever.
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    Jack and Sydney

    That's why I'm scared something is gona go really wrong...Jack seems to always be at his worst when he appears to be at his besttttt :(