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  1. Aen

    HJ Voted 8 for Vaporware of the year 2008

    Not sure if you all seen but: HJ was voted number 8 for Vaporware of the year for Wired. I am not to concerned yet. I bet a huge announcement will come this year sometime with information saying its not dead and here is...
  2. Aen

    Andy 4 Missouri Governor!!

    One of the Sr Programmers over at Simutronics that has coded a lot of the Hero Engine is running for Governor of Missouri! i agree with a lot of what he says. Get the government out and let private organizations help people instead of people...
  3. Aen

    World of World of Warcraft

    World of World of Warcraft ROFL
  4. Aen

    Bridge Screenshot

    I dont like the bridge on this one. How the rope just goes into the board like that. Then it looks like the boards are not even fastened to the bridge..just laying there. I probably need to see a better view but it just doesnt look that great. I will be giving them my feedback.
  5. Aen

    Help your ratongas! just post in the thread and hopefully we can get 1000000000 posts so SOE will notice us poor lil ratonga's need whiskers that are better looking and dont have to have an eyepatch/glasses to have
  6. Aen

    Flame of Recca

    Anyone seen this one?
  7. Aen

    Cradle of Filth - My Humps

    lol My humps song OMG sooo funny haha if you want to see what the real song for the video is..
  8. Aen

    Super Tuesday

    Today is super tuesday. So, if your state is up, go vote!! Not getting political here, just a reminder that you need to vote.
  9. Aen

    Spammer alert

    anyone else getting spammed by a person who just signed up to the forums in PMs?
  10. Aen

    Curt Schilling to Retire for an MMO

    Curt says he will retire next season to focus work on his new MMO that will be coming out. Which i will add that he has Todd MacFarlane has an art director on the project and RA Salvatore for story!!
  11. Aen

    Hero's Hall EQ2/EQ/SWG Chat Channel

    Alright, I will make a post on this. Since a lot of us do play EQ2, and some of you may play EQ or SWG so we will include you on this, this will be Hero's Hall in game chat channel. What you need to do is To join a chat room on a different EQ server, type: /join Kithicor.HerosHall I...
  12. Aen

    Suwari sooo whats up with this comment on the page: Note: The Suwari are currently not slated to be in game at release. I really wanted to place this race too :( Small and furry [-o| [-o| [-o|
  13. Aen

    GFX Aen's Sigs

    Just want to share some of the art work i have done with photoshop for my guild and a few friends. OTHERS: Other Things:
  14. Aen


    Hello all, Name is Aen. I have been playing MMO's for many years now. Started back in the day of MUDs and such. (gemstone being one of them). I currently work in the IT Department of a world wide network/hosting provider. I have been following HJ for many many years now and i am very...