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    Finally a halo movie Here's the full article
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    He came to my window

    Im recording the time here, 12:14, i was woken at 12:10 with a loud crash at my window, i thought it was some raccoon getting into the garbage,then i saw him at my window, his shadow behind my curtains, i don't know what he wants! But i know it involve me, as some of might have seen i made a...
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    Whats going on?

    i woke today at 5 in the morning, not normal, to find two pictures i had drawn in front of me, i dont remember drawing them, so the logical things would be i did, but it was so late i dont remember or i drew them in my sleep, but the pictures..disturbed me, I do recall this man i drew, i see him...
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    Oh's time

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    Amazing redone song

    This guy, is F****** amazing at this song. it was such a beautiful remake i actually busted out my gamecube hooked it up and started playing wind waker TvT it's such a good game im crying
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    Angry person in our party :D

    So we had a very pissy Canadian in our party, Tye recorded it but we're still working on the video, to show what kind of person we delt is a video I will be posting the real Video of the guy
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    Happy holidays!

    a classic in the meter house hold (Half speed knows this song well)
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    What do kids on xbox look like?

    Im sure we've all run into them, we join a game and theres that one kid "WOW! he took my sniper..what a noob" he dies "WOW! I frackin SHOT HIM!" Now i know we all wounder what the look like..BEHOLD!
  9. S by 50 t0 100 years..Really? Read this article guys (if your interested in the whole 2012 is fake and what not) Im on the side of it never happening. If i wish to argue about it i'll make a debate post...other than that...good...
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    Black Ops Zombies

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    Black Ops Zombies COMFIRMED! Just put age 19
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    Real Men Zumba!

    A Video staring ME! and a couple of my friends! I tried to lower my voice to sound abit body gaurdish...didnt work as i wanted it too If you dont know, im the kid in the orange shirt in the beginning and black in the end
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    A really good animation story is kinda heart warming yet sad
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    The Sacrifice

    L4D2 DLC coming out next week! And now we will see how bill dies Rest in piece old always were one kickass old dude
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    New Xbox 360 Dashboard Heres the new Dashboard!
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    DR2:Case West

    Oh God! Our favorite photographer is back! and he's teaming up with our good buddy chuck! This is Dead rising 2's First DLC and makes me smile to see frank dose come back in DR2
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    Great joke

    Lol making fun of my religion because we are just that f-ing retarded Little rascal Johnny was always falling asleep in his "religion" classes, so the "Religion" teacher decided to take extreme measures. She told the kid that sat behind him to poke Johnny in the back with a pencil every time...
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    The reboot of the series Devil May Cry, this looks way better to me, never did like the old dante and thats why i hated the game, he just looked so stupid and gay including how he never wore a dang shirt! Thoughts? please is your going to be negitve then make sure you have a positive, Things...
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    Chief is in reach!

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    Reach this video is a great remake of the halo 3 Believe ad but in reach form