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    Weird Trends at School

    Ok weird the post didn't show up, so me retyping isn't double posting is it? My school has lots of random trends. One of them I don't understand is cartoon backpacks. It was cute when I saw them on three or four people, but now, about a fifth or fourth of the school use them. :blink:
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    School Mascots

    I've heard of some pretty strange mascots before! Let's see what are mine... High School= Yellow Jacket Middle= Phoenix Elementary= I'm not quite sure, but I think it could be a tree, when people buy the school clothes, there's a tree on it. :blink:
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    AP testing!

    I just wanted to say, it's unfair how they're in the first week of May! A few days ago, I was like "I don't need to start studying, they're all the way in May!" And yesterday I realized May is next week. :hmm: Like everyone else... I'm so umprepared, especially for history! I feel pretty OK...
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    Season 4 Spiders

    Heh, just a random thought. This is my first time doing a poll, I hope I put the stuff in right. :huh: Any way, I say they scare me less, but the spiders in Nocturne we're sooo creepy looking, then Vaughn held it and took it off the bed, and I felt like a wuss. :lol: :unsure:
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    Season 4 APO website

    AAH. I was at Alias-media, and well... let me go copy/paste.... From :reallyexcited: Haha, since there's a clip, there's obviously gonna be spoilers, and from what I heard, DON'T watch Mia's interviews if you want to be spoiler-free!