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    if you update this again can you add me to the pm list?
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    Sierra's Fics

    if you have a master pm list... can u add me please?
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    A Life Like That

    Thanx sorry i havent reviewed on here but i also read this on i just wanted you to know that im still here and to update soon ~Sydnee~ ps-Welcome Back :D
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    A Life Like That

    that was intence i am also reading this at fanfiction thanx for the pm
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    A Life Like This

    i think its jack thax for the updat and pm
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    Going Under

    no no no dont be diapointed it was really really good it turned out really well dont be hard on yourself
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    Going Under

    First... goin to read Im soooooo confused what just happend???? Ow... my brain hurts. EXCELLENT update im sad its the end though.
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    Going Under

    NOOOOOOOOOOO what an EVIL cliffhanger please update soon like lateron today ::pweese:: thanx for the PM
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    Season 5 Previews after last nights episode

    This is the promo that aired after the episode... not the AOL one. to see these images you have to click pause all the time... Frame by Frame. There is an Explosion after the red wig shot, Syd fires the gun and than something explodes... it seems APO. Jack and Sark bleeding is before the shot...
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    Going Under

    Im sooooooooo confused my brain hurts... are jack and Isabelle cloaned? o well thanks for the update :smile:
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    Going Under

    woah that was good... please update later tonite
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    Going Under

    FIRST... Goin to read that was really good im glad u updated early.... thanx for the pm
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    Going Under

    That was really good... i think i may get the foreshadowing part but im not sure... thanx alot for the pm ~*Sydnee*~
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    Going Under

    OOOOO that was good DEFINATLY keep me on the PM list.
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    Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn

    ooooo this is good can u add me to the pm??
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    Season 5 Spoiler about episode 5.16 "Reprisal"

    I dont know if u guys remember but in season 3 when Sydney went to that crazy doctor she had a dream that she killed herself... maybe that was foreshadowing this episode???
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    OMG i just read this whole thing... can you add me to your PM list this is really good
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    Restoring A Family

    i just found this can i have a pm please... and i have a question... what does AU mean i have seen it on alot of fics and i never got what it meant. ~Sydnee~
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    Season 5 OMG OMG OMG new commercial just aired

    OMG i was watching freddy... and a another commercial just aired and it showed Will and Sydney telling her dad that she is goin back to work and then she kisses the baby's head and says " Momma's got to go back to work" OMG it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD! i hope it comes on again during...