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    It's Always Going to be You

    great story. i just can't get enough of syd/vaughn! can u add me to your pm list? thanks a bunch!
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    Turning Point

    lemme tell you... this story rocks! i can NOT WAIT for your next update! if possible, could you put me on your pm list? thanks a lot!
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    Her Royal Duties

    great two chapters. can't wait till the syd/vaughn interaction. cuz they have to be together in the end! keep up the great work!!
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    The Little Princess

    I loved it. and about what you said about not knowing what the adoption process is like. let me tell you, it's different with every angency. you are doing a fantastic job with your discription. can't wait for more!
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    The Little Princess

    I love this story. I have never read a story like this before. I can relate to the adoption process because my parents adopted my younger brother about 10 years ago, and my aunt and uncle just adopted my baby cousin from russia. I think is so great that you are writing this story, and can't wait...
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    Her Royal Duties

    This story is so awesome! I love reading stories that aren't CIA related. It shows the characters in a different light. Can't wait for your next update. By the way, if you could I would love to get a pm letting me know of your next update. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! ~Teresa
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    A Watchful Eye

    hi. i'm new to all alias. i love you're story. i haven't read a story with this idea before. its nice to read something different. if it's possible i would love to receive a pm when you update. thanks a bunch and keep up the good work! :up: