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    I still listen to my Bunnicula tape. I maybe taking a road trip with some kids and I will be sure to include this on the trip.
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    Victor Garber thread #01

    Do you know when these are? Do they have an ensemble nomination? This year were really an ensemble cast.
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    Let Me Call You Sweetheart

    You didn't like them together? I thought they were rather cute together. But I always liked her.
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    Monkey's In The Attic

    It seems to be the popular belief that no one remembers filming that movie.
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    Victor in S4 of ALIAS

    He does supportive bf so well, doesn't he?
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    Broadway Theatre

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    victor in a movie

    Another brillant performance.
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    I saw a commerical for this movie and I was so disappointed when they showed Ceasar and knowing that it was almost Victor.
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    Do you think Victor Garber is attractive?

    The camera just loves that man.
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    Victor in "A little Night Music"

    We're hitting the one year anniversity of this show. Last summer was a wonderful memory.
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    Crimininal Instincts

    I've only seen 3 of the 4, but I did see the infamous kiss.
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    Victor is amazing in everything he does. I always liked Liberace.
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    hot or not?

    Of course he is hot. Was there ever a question about it?
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    Victor was any accent. I loved his Swedish one in Lightsleeper.
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    Legally Blonde

    I'd go back to college if he were teaching a class.
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    E.N.G. - The TV Drama about Electronic News Gathering

    I liked the tongue also.
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    Emmy´s nominations

    Does anyone know when the nominations come out?
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    Judy Garland-Me and my Shadows

    I love the way he delivers that line. Judy and Sid had an interesting story. I've seen a few things about Sid Luft. I think the movie may have been kinder to him than he deserved.
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    Victor Trivia Game

    Name Victor's first and last movie.