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    Request Stellar - Logo pick up. *COMPLETE*

    Nice stuffs scrags =) and your a designer Steller? lol
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    Resources ~Official EA Advertisement Sigs~

    Nice stuff man =) I love em'.
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    GFX How i used to design before i even know about PS or GIMP.

    Wow. those are good man! But my first impression was, this guy had no life!
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    GFX Home page

    Sounds great. I like the idea, would be nice.
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    GFX Some sigs and stuff

    I like your t shirt its nice GJ I like your style
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    Request Taiinted *COMPLETE*

    Nice stuff man. GJ
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    The Mojave Experiment

    Lmao OWNED. Nice finnnd
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    Fav Sport?

    NHL CFL Soccer
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    GFX Some of my recents...

    The last three are best! I love your new style. Sexeeehh!
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    Tutorial Text Tutorial

    Thats a really good tut. GJ Vision and thanks for postin it E
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    Caashh Moonaay. How are ya man. Welcome to EA
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    Who's Your Favorite SuperHero

    Nanahnuhnahnuhnahaaaa Batmann! LoL, best movie EVER.
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    Myspace Or Facebook

    Facebook only because some girl made it for me and I just figured out I had it =P
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    GFX Animek

    Give some colour to the main render. I like your lighting tho. GJ
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    hey all. Nice to see some familiar faces =) Effekt, great site man! I like the skin and the set up is great. I am sure it will go places and beyond :D See ya guys around.:)