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    Fav Music Artist

    I have to say Jay-Z
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    Hey im bak 2
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    Politics USA Presidential Discussion Thread (2008)

    Umm i dont know who will win it will be close ddo
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    Lil Wayne or Eminem

    LIL WAYNE IS K!NG eminem ir garbo
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    NCAA 09 vs Madden 09

    NCAA 09 has better atmosphere funner to play. Madden 09 has great players and boring to play.:popo:
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    Gamertag ideas will + rep

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    Whats your fav Drink

    Vault is the best drink there is period
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    Socom Players

    If you play Socom i would love to play with you. IS any1 interested in the new Socom game. Add me
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    Michael Phelps

    I THINK THE right word is beast man he is dominatot of his sport.
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    HEY its Ballas

    Hey wasup guys i am a Socom maniac and i am always on Gb. Add me on ur Gb friends SnB_BAllas
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    is this the only web site of this kind

    Yes i am members of all of the websites i love them