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    Favourite Artist?

    I adore Katy Perry. I just love all of her songs, but my favorite of them all would have to be either Teenage Dream or Firework.
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    Do you play?

    I don't really play any sports for a team or whatever. I do play some sports for fun though. I'm not really that athletic.
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    Sports Books?

    I used to read them when I was in elementary school, but now, I mainly read manga and long, chapter books.
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    CTR + V

    Spiritual Lights is copyright 2008 to Felly/Audra. The content and such belongs to her unless otherwise noted. Felly/Audra does not own Pokémon; it belongs solely to Nintendo and Game Freak. If any content is stolen from these forums without permission from it's owner, Felly/Audra will report...
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    Animal You're Scared of?

    I also strongly dislike mice & rats as well as frogs & toads.
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    Thanks! (: I'll be sure to enjoy my stay.
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    Animal You're Scared of?

    Sharks, snakes, & any kind of bug.
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    Your Phone?

    Kyocera Strobe here. It's really messed up though; the 7, 8, & 9 keys don't work anymore. Not to mention all of the little dents & scratches on it.
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    Get to know Felly!

    Anything goes, but if it's too personal, I won't answer it. (:
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    Hey there. I'm Felly, 16, & female. I own two forums of my own & one that's under construction. [/nolife] I make graphics & sprites using Photoshop & Paint respectively. If you'd like to get to know me more, you can ask in my interview thread. (:
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    Forum Promotion.