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  1. Redbear

    Happy Fathers Day! - if your a father that is

    Well I have a skidaddle of kids, eight boys , three girls, youngest is 21 and living here with us at home and doing great in college learning ASL for the children's community to help those that need it, Just wanted to make sure you fathers out here in Alien Soup got the proper recognition for...
  2. Redbear

    XF arcade will not play

    I installed the XF arcade ages ago and it worked just perfect, the host sever had a DDOS attack and I had to reload my forums thru the backup, now I go to play and everything is there, it goes to a separate page, but its just a un-hyperlinked PLAY text. any ideas ?
  3. Redbear

    Thank You

    Hi, Thank You for having a forum for the XF arcade system, it is a dying breed the arcade is, but I am old school and really like them. I have enjoyed many lonely hours trying to get the top score in many of the games
  4. Redbear

    Help Please?

    I had installed the XF Arcade 0.2.1b a long time ago, and had it deactivated during a maintenance, after being down for a year or so I turned it back on, went to play Asteroids and It does not play, all I get is a separate page with the word PLAY but it doesn't link to the SWF game any longer...