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    CJTS- high school for spies A/N: ok, so I had this crazy idea of writing this ficcy, it’s my first, so be easy on me people. Any reviews will be really appreciated and if by some crazy reason you want a pm please tell me so. Thanx- to my :beta: Janet and for Crz gee!!! I :heart: u so much...
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    Season 4 there something i dont undersatnd

    through the season jack and sloane talk about keeping a secret from everyone including sydney about their doings.when sydney comes 2 daddy 4 help he goes 2 sloane and sloane is afraid they will b compermized. they were talking about what? elena? how did they know that she connected 2...
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    who do u love more?

    I personally love U2 much more, I feel that they sing more from the heart than coldplay... but coldplay are gr8 2! :D
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    Season 4 yahoo preview clips

    click me what do u think? did u see that sloane was w/ them? I think he is good... and nadia..she is going 2 die? or syd will have 2 harm her (kill her) like in the prophecy? :cry: I love nadia...
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    how many languges you know to speak fluently?

    I was just wondering... :ponder: btw- Ewok and gebrish and Jujuish doesnt count :jump: I know three :D
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    Politics V&V

    So I have heard there is another volcano erruption coming in belguim, did u hear about that, or was it just a April 1st joke?
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    important questions re Langley/CIA! [title ed]

    hey, I have a question that has been bugging me 4 a long long time... whats "langley" (sp?) they talked about in alias? I figured out it some agency that overpowers CIA and NSA - am I right? do they really have it? and while Im at it- whats teh difference between NSA and CIA?
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    Are you?

    I dont know... this question just popped into my mind....
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    Wish u never heard about Rambaldi? Or do you love that story line? I'm a little tired of Rambaldi and i was wondering what do u think!
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    veinlovers #4

    yup, another one....
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    vote 4 s/v

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    veinlovers club#3

    hey thread got closed due to length.. i figured i should start a new one!!! (ya, I just copied what gee now... for formalities' sake. THE RULES!!! #1. veins are friends, not food #2. strictly GARTAN #3. no old people's veins #4. no young Michael Vartan pics (haha, the older he...
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    whats ur favorite scene from alias?

    so, whats ur favorite scene? in S1-S3? my favorite was in "the two" in the hallway, when syd talks to vaughn about not giving up and faith, oh come on- u know what I mean. i thought it was the best acting part ever, JG played it so well, with all the emotions needed- so what was yours?
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    veinlovers club

    veinlovers- is a club that blue bird and peanutbutter and myself opened! we are proudly announce that we love guys veins (but not in a freaky way... :D :D :D ) whoever wants to join us, could- just tell me or blue bird or peanutbutter and you will become a proud member 2! to demonstrate what...
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    whats common

    ok i have this new game, I will post pictures- courtesy of twoevilmonks and alias media. and you have to tell me whats common between them. got it? good lets start!
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    the games goes like this: somebodyposts "it was better if..." and then whoever posts after him answers yes/no and posts a new post. only regarding ALIAS! Ok first line: It was better if we never met Noah
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    did you ever spy on your love ones?

    I was watching S1 again last night, when francie was spying on charlie w/ syd and i was wondering- did you ever spy on your love ones?
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    whats worse?

    whats worse francie killed by/and alison replacing her or the missing 2 years? (remember without them lauren would never been in vaughn (hopefuly...)
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    who are you from ALIAS?

    hey ppl. who are you from ALIAS? if u didnt the quiz -here it is quiz hey-dont cheat! do it only once!!!
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    Season 4 what relationship do u wanna see the most in S4?

    what relationship do u wanne see the most in S4? what relanship u wanna know more about and u think it will make all the diference in S4?