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  1. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

    I'm just glad that CBS finally came to their senses (or maybe because there just wasn't anything else new showing on due to the pandemic?) and started showing season 1 on the normal CBS station. Finally caught up with the first ten episodes on my DVR...
  2. astonwest

    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    Just finished the 15th and final book in the Destroyermen series. Great reads!
  3. astonwest

    Crossfire & Other Stories

    Doesn't look like Google is one of the stores on the distribution list for Draft2Digital. I'm not sure if it is on their list of future stores to offer or not.
  4. astonwest

    Crossfire & Other Stories

    Crossfire is now available!
  5. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Bipedal Robots as Human Sidekicks

    I personally believe we will continue to see robots as task-based servants for the foreseeable future. They may have some limited AI (making them androids), and thus be able to function in some more general home-servant capacity (thinking Rosie, from the Jetsons), but I don't see them being...
  6. astonwest

    Coronavirus 2020 (COVID-19) ๐Ÿคง

    Up in the Kansas City area, it sounds like they have decided to extended their mask mandate into January... :(
  7. astonwest

    star trek is dead on film

    I almost have to wonder if there's an issue with current public sentiment. Star Trek, in most of its past iterations, has tried to show us a world that is "better" than the one we're in now. When most people have lost hope of things getting "better," does that sort of a setting fall flat? Is...
  8. astonwest

    Crossfire & Other Stories

    Been a while since I've been by...this year has been a mess, as I figure it has been for everyone. Some of you might know me through my Aston West novels and novellas (through other threads around here), and the short stories I have in a couple of collections. Finished up another collection of...
  9. astonwest

    The lost fleet by Jack Campbell

    That would be that series.
  10. astonwest

    What are you watching right now?

    With most of the shows I normally watched (or new things that I would enjoy, like Star Trek series) either ending their runs or moving onto other outlets like Hulu or pay-versions of a network (which I won't pay for), is there anything still on (SF-related) that is worth my time?
  11. astonwest

    Sci-Fi The Orville (Fox)

    Boooooooo! That's the end of me watching it too... :-(
  12. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Heroes Die Young (Aston West) - TM Hunter

    Maybe B&N was having the same problems that Facebook was having later on in the week...
  13. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Heroes Die Young (Aston West) - TM Hunter

    Weird...when I click the link, it goes through...? What does it do when you click?
  14. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Heroes Die Young (Aston West) - TM Hunter

    So, for those who don't have Kindles, you can now pick up the series of Aston West novels (and my latest standalone short novel, Stormrunner) over at Barnes and Noble...and for a limited time, the first book (Heroes Die Young) is free over there. Enjoy!
  15. astonwest

    Horror iZombie

    Guess I missed the fact that this new season was going to be the last for iZombie...but looks like they announced it last year. Season 5 closes it down.
  16. astonwest

    Superheroes Captain Marvel (2019)

    I enjoyed it myself...but I really didn't have any expectations beyond this being another Marvel superhero flick. Only pitfalls I had were related to the particular theatre I saw it in...15 minutes past showtime before they had to be told that the movie hadn't been started, and then no sound for...
  17. astonwest

    Fantasy Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

    I enjoyed it myself...but I had no knowledge of the graphic novel before seeing the movie, and hadn't seen any trailers before going to see it. I agree that it seemed like the violence level was rather high for what I assume is the intended audience. Only objection I had to it was that you could...
  18. astonwest

    Sci-Fi The Orville (Fox)

    Yeah, I didn't see that first part episode coming interesting twist. I think part two may be on my DVR, but I haven't checked...
  19. astonwest

    Sci-Fi The Orville (Fox)

    Looking forward to this in two weeks...guess I should just set the DVR to go about 3-4 hours long... :P
  20. astonwest

    Sci-Fi Stormrunner (An Aston West Novella)

    Debating whether to pull the main antagonists from this one into my next Aston novella. Time will tell...