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    Bon Jovi

    I am i big bon jovi fan and bon jovi just realsed their new cd have a nice . This can be a form for all bon jovi fans
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    Season four Codename

    I can not remeber what is vaughn code name for season 4 If any anyone knows i would love to know Thanks
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    Bon Jovi

    i love bon jovi my favorit song is its my life and the radio saved my life if you like the band i would love to know what is you favorit song Go BON JOVI
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    Lines you did not want to hear on Alias

    simple all you have to do is think of a line on alias that you did not want to hear on Alias Here is one Syd: he killed my mom
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    Hi i am new here

    Well i am not really new i just did not post in this form yet . i love alias and David Anders . i love to watch alias with my dad and in a about an hour sark is going to be on alias the first time this season and i can not wait :D
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    Season 4 A Man of his word

    Lets just say sark and vaughn get some time together
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    Model Untited Nations

    i am in the model un at my school and my teacher said we should know how to say in the country that we are doing. i am doing romania if you know how to say in romanian i would love to know and if your in the model un i would love to know who else is in the program you can e-mail if you want at...
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    When will David be on Alias

    I am wondering when david anders will be on alias in season 4 Does any one no when he will be on the show I would like to know how long i will have to wait :rolleyes:
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    Do you Have Your Own Computer

    I got a laptop for Christmas it is a gateway If you have a computer post to tell what kind you have IF you want you can say when you got it
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    Alias episodes

    i want to make my own music vidoes but i do not know how to get alias video can i copy it from my dvds or download from some where what do i do
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    Bad Grade

    :( I am getting a D in Language and if i have a D in any class i lose my laptop intill the next interm which means no alias AT ALL i might have a 73 at the highest which is 3 points from a C What do i do i want to be able to watch alias
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    Audio Promble with Inter Video WINDVD 6

    i just down loaded windvd 6 and the voices are higher than what they are suppose to be when you listen to Vaughn his voice should be lower and i am not sure how to fix the audio promble what do i do not sure what is worng?
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    Nascar 2005

    me i can not wait for the new cup series to start last year my favorite driver won the cup Kurt Busch and we have lots of autogarghed cars,hats and even a jacktet we also have a hemlet signed that i won at a race so who is your favorite driver in the nextel cup series????
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    dvd laptop help

    i got a laptop for christmas and i keep getting a error saying Windows Media Player is currently unable to play DVD video. Try decreasing the number of colors displayed on your monitor or decreasing the screen resolution. For additional solutions, click More Information to access the DVD...
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    how long is you Christmas break?

    how long do you get off me i get out of school for 2 weeks and i love it but i really do not want to go back next week because 2nd nine weeks end i will find out my grades and if there bad i will not be able to use my laptop or watch alias or csi :D ;)
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    A unreal dairy

    ANYTHING YOU READ IS MADE UP AND FALSE THE ONLY THING THAT IS TURE IS THE NAMES AND PLACES Rating:PG-13 Key S=sark A=Amanda Sl=Slone G=guard Gs=Guards V=Vaughn W=Wiess M=mom D=Dixion Location amanda's home:amanda is having a talk with her mom M: amanda we are going to the grocery store...
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    david's hair

    :D i was a promo for alias season 4 and i saw sark and his hair is grown and is shaven and he got spikes in it again i can not wait to see his hair in the new show . less than two weeks intill the new season can not wait