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    Please Read

    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Dear fellow AA members, I know you all probably think I’m a lying, confusing, manipulating b**** with split personalities. You have the right to think that, because that is who I really am. I may not show that side of me to everyone, but it is...
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    Stop it everyone. I'm so tired of this. Just stop. I'm sick of getting 3-10 PMs and IMs a day regarding this s***. Stop telling me to leave everyone alone. Stop telling me that everyone left because of me. Just stop for the last f***ing time. I can't take it anymore. I'm not leaving no matter...
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    Random 169

    continue here ^_^ Random 168
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    Good Bye Forever

    You all seem to hate me for what I've done and I know I deserve some of that hate, but whatever who gives a f*** anymore.. I know I'll probably end up banned if I stay anyway so good bye everyone. I hope you enjoy AA without me, because I'm never coming back to AA again. I hope you all miss me...
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    The Insano Family {5}

    Insano Family Rules On Topic Insano Family Things - discussion of Insano family weddings/divorces/engagements - Adoption (Insano Family members adopting ppl into the family and ppl asking to be adopted) - Any comments or questions on the Insano Family - the Insano Family Tree - Comments...
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    Random 162

    NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Random ******146******

    Continue here, although I'm surprised nobody made another one yet ;)
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    Moriel's Mafia

    Come join and enjoy all the fun of working with the my Mafia ^_^ everyone who joins will get a free 'not to be eaten pass'
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    Intolerable Cruelty

    Don't see it, IT WAS AWFUL one of the WORST movies i've ever seen :angry: ~Moriel
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    Three Days Grace

    I love Three Days Grace! any other fans?
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    The Insano Family {4}

    Continue here :)
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    Love's Journey

    Love's Journey You my lover You were my faith You were my religion I worshiped you day and night I’d follow you home At midnight You were my savior You were my everything All I needed I’d wish you were mine But you weren’t You were someone else’s Not mine anymore My heart was broken Thrown...
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    Good bye for awhile

    Sorry everybody, but due to some events offline and some events online, i won't be here for a while. it'll probably be a couple of weeks before i'm back. ~Moriel PS you can find me on AIM, A2A, AH
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    Random 117

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    Random 114

    Continue here Random 113
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    i can't believe i never made a thread about this before! i love this movie! lol i saw it in theaters in March, i just bought it on DVD. i tell ya, WATCH IT NOW. U MUST SEE IT U MUST Go here: Willard - The Offcial Site
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    Oh Just Die Already

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    Random 111

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    Random 108

    Mwahaha *eats kate* continue here Random 107 [EDIT BY CHARLIE: Please remember to link to the previous thread when starting a new one. Thanks!]
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    Sydney's Resurrection

    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>DISCLAIMER: ALL BELONGS TO THE FAMOUS JJ ABRAMS SETTING: AFTER PHASE ONE GENRE: S/V ANGST, ACTION & ROMANCE RATING: PG - 13 FOR NOW</span> <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>SYDNEY’S RESURRECTION</span> CHAPTER 1 - DISASTER A dark...