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    Book Discussion

    Let's just have a thread where we can discuss a particular book at one time. It's not really the same as any of the other threads, so..... I guess you could say we're on Ethan Frome right now, but if you have another just say so! But anyways, I do think the symbolism in the book was amazing...
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    Come Back...or I'll Come

    Title: Come Back…or I’ll Come Author: btvaughn Disclaimer: I don’t own any part or thing of Alias. Rating: PG-13 (I’m not really good at determining this!) Genre: angst I guess, but some might call it “meant to be”….. Summary: Sydney faces a deep suffering within her heart and is forced to...
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    Favorite ER character

    So.....who is everyone's favorite ER character? Mine is Dr. Carter of course...Noah Wyle just makes my heart go pitter patter! :D
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    Favorite episode

    I don't want to make a poll...let's just talk about our favorites!
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    I'm pretty sure no one has a thread on this hilarious movie yet, so come talk with me about it! I crack up every single time I see it.
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    Angel Standing By

    Title: Angel Standing By Author: btvaughn Disclaimer: I don’t own any part or thing of Alias. Rating: PG Genre: Just plain old S/V romance…not really fluff, but happy stuff in the end! Summary: This takes place before Phase One. SD-6 has been taken down in some other fashion than that...
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    When You Say Nothing At All

    Title: “When You Say Nothing At All” Author: btvaughn Disclaimer: You know the drill. I don’t own Alias in any way shape or form. I just love Michael Vaughn Rating: No more than pg for about three bad words Genre: S/V angst Summary: Syd and Vaughn’s thoughts on what they can’t have. Takes...
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    Who should Aragorn go with?

    Even though I don't want to spoil ROTK (base this on Two Towers) who do YOU want Aragorn to go with. I've always wanted him to go to Eowyn. They just seem so much more similar. (But as you can tell, I'm a major Aragorn fan!!!)
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    Reality TV The Bachelorette

    Please tell me I'm not the only one guilty of watching this show!!! I get totally into it, maybe just those hot guys, but that's different... :D But for that matter, Go Ryan!
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    I know I'm completely into the whole dance drill team world...It's pretty common in my area. I was just wondering if I was the only one! :)