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  1. Ken Jeavus

    Sci-Fi New book of short stories available

    Hello everyone. If you like unusual science fiction that's more idea based than character based, you might like my new book of short stories entitled: collection (fiction (science) (0)) At 90 pages it's a quick read, but hopefully one that'll entertain and surprise you. You can read a few...
  2. Ken Jeavus

    Did Arthur C Clarke make a boo boo?

    I'm rereading Rendezvous with Rama. At the end of chapter 5 First EVA the main character turns a wheel with his own hands (in an EVA suit of course). Then Clarke writes this sentence: "Half a meter away, the curving wall of the pillbox started to move..." If I'm not mistaken, half a meter...
  3. Ken Jeavus

    Hi all

    Wow this looks like a great site. I love the fact that there seems to be alot of discussions about the ideas of science fiction. My favorite type of sci fi is just that, idea or speculative, like Contact, Childhoods End, etc. I'm not a big fan of fantasy though I can certainly understand why...